Eating for two? Try trillions!

“You’re eating for 2 now”

^^^ the pregnant wife keeps getting. 

But here’s the thing…

We’re actually eating for TRILLIONS!

Trillions of bacteria that set up camp inside of you

With one aim…

To survive!

So they eat, what you eat.

It’s like a food fight in down there. 

You got the ‘good guys’

^^^ who help with weight loss, fewer allergies, decrease  your risk of diseases, particularly digestive diseases and problems

Then you have the ‘bad guys’

^^^ Who eat the food that you want to good guys to eat. And thrive off of poor food choices and EXERCISE habits (which I’ll go on to).

And the combination of these guys make up your gut ‘microbiota’

Your aim?

To get a diverse microbiota (if you want to boost your immune system and potentially lose more weight, of course)

And in the words of the British Medical Journal:

“Microbiota diversity may become a new bio- marker or indicator of health”

A bit like your cholesterol and blood pressure are today.

So anyway…

The British Medical Journal just came out with some pretty fascinating stuff that I want to share with you.

First off…

Protein intake was positively associated with a diverse range of bacteria in your gut 

Which in English

Translates to the question of whether you’re eating enough of things, such as :

* Meats

* Fish

* Eggs

* Dairy

* Legumes

And – perhaps – to your surprise (and mine)…

Whey protein?

The participants in this study got much of their protein from whey protein.


Those who were more active had a more diverse gut microbiota.

Now, proceed with caution

As just because you’re more likely to see those Christmasy red Starbucks cups when it’s snowing…it doesn’t mean that red Starbucks cups cause snowing

What am I saying?

Well, we still need to know ‘a bit’ more about all this gut stuff.

I can’t – 100% – tell you the BEST exercise or diet to do.

As it the case with everything, right?

So here’s our options….

We can wait around.

For that perfect moment

When we ‘think’ we know it all.

And just stay where you are right now

Doing the same things and expecting different results.


Just start

Build that momentum 

That gives you the confidence to put out the fires as you go (as there will be many. But, this is how you learn)

And just like riding a bike…

It’s a lot easier once you get going.

And there’s no better time to get going than NOW!

In fact, I’ve got just the programme to kickstart your weight loss, increase your energy levels and leave you feeling more confident in your favourite clothes.

And it starts in JUST 15 days (applications close in 14 days)

Apply here:

See you on the other side,

Matt ‘eating for 200 trillion’ Fruci

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