5 reasons it may not be your slow metabolism…

“I’m fed up of wearing the clothes that fit rather than the ones I want to wear.

I’m carrying more fat than I would like over the boobs, bum, thighs and back and I can’t get rid of it.

I’ve been calorie counting and been to Slimming world, but it’s not shifting and I’m back in the fat dress”

This is something I commonly get from new (er) members on my Body Transformation Programmes. 

You’ve had your ‘fingers burnt’ from the tons of diets you’ve tried

And – as a result – lost a bit of faith in this weight loss stuff. 

You feel like you’ve done everything right.

Question whether you may be different…

And blame your ‘slow metabolism’ for your stubborn weight loss…

But before you play the ‘slow metabolism’ card (which MAY be the case)

Consider these 5 reasons why you may not be ditching the jelly belly for good:

1) You’re eating more than you think you are

Grazing STILL counts…

It’s like me and peanut butter. 

My ‘tablespoon’ of peanut butter is actually more like 3 tablespoons of peanut butter 😉


* Spend some time weighing your foods so you can learn what your portion sizes look like. 

This will allow you to make better-informed, more intelligent decision about your food choices in the future 

Where you’ll be able to simply ‘eye-ball’ your portions (allowing you to actually eat out and still lose weight…)

2) You’re eating your emotions? 

Do your eating habits change when you’re tired, fed up with looking after everyone else and want a bit of ‘me’ time?


Identify what your trigger is? 

What’s stressing you out? 

Then implement a management plan 

Try the apps Headspace or Insight Timer

Go for a walk…

Just promise me you’ll take 5 MINUTES for yourself.

Because how you manage stress, tension and fear COULD by stopping you from losing weight!

3) You’re TIRED

Stress fast tracks tiredness. 

Not only does this make you more likely to reach for quick and easy high fat, sugary snacks and alcohol to give you the ‘pick me up’ 

^^^ This does include, but is not limited to, Milk Chocolate buttons (mouth now watering…)

And the research is clear that often we don’t know that it is stress that’s causing us to blame ‘willpower’ for making poor food choices that stop you ditching the love handles for good. 


I’m going to repeat myself to make this message clear and simple for you.

So SEE solution number 2 and read it again!

4) You’ve been dieting too long. You need a break!

From time to time, you may need a diet break.

You’ve been eating too little for too long

And perhaps you need to eat a bit more for a period of time. 

Sort those hunger hormones out.

Rev u your ‘metabolism’.

Now, you MAY see a little increase in your body weight during this time.


It may do wonders for your stress levels

And be the kickstart to your metabolism that you need when you get back on the bandwagon to ditch the love handles.


Bump up your food intake SLIGHTLY for a few weeks and see how you go (conveniently, I’ve structured mine for 20th December to 2nd of January…)

NOTE: this diet break isn’t a free pass for a Mince Pie eating competition…

5) You’re not progressing with your exercise

Exercise is great.

All forms, in fact. 

But unless you’re forcing your body to change by progressing over time (rather than just doing the same old workout every week)

You’re just going to stay the same.

Why would your body waste a load of energy getting stronger, fitter and more toned unless you give it a reason?


Try to increase your step count in your day. 

Walk a bit faster. 

Try some more body weight exercises. 

Lift a bit more weight (even tins of baked beans are great for home workouts, not to mention 2 litre coke bottles because they’re often cheaper than water!)

And considering the above…

I’m posing these questions to you:

Is it really that you have a ‘slow metabolism’ and are in ‘starvation mode’?

^^^ which is a real thing, by the way.


Is it that you just can’t stick to these cookie-cutter diet plans, binge, put the weight back on and just blame ‘willpower’?

And it’s exactly why I guarantee to make this weight loss game SUPER simple for you.

Here’s to a great week!


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