Eating Sausage Rolls To Get In Shape?

Did you see the documentary ‘how to lose weight well’ which was on Channel 4 last week?

Basically, they showed how someone lost 2 stone in 6 weeks eating nothing but Greggs…

With someone else losing 12lbs in a week eating up to 5lbs of potatoes a day…boiled, mashed or baked for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

They also had some other diets which claimed to be really scientific and talk about DNA and metabolism…

Only just to give you a piece of salmon and vegetables

^^^ of course you’ll lose some fat if you swap a standard UK diet for salmon and vegetables ….

But you know what all of these diets have in common?

They all lowered the calories someone was eating. 

They didn’t have any magic fat burning ingredients, herbs or shakes…

The PRINCIPLE behind all of these diets was to lower your calories. 

That’s it.

And that is actually how EVERY diet works

The reason they don’t tell you this?

They’re scared you’ll go alone

That you won’t need their points system …

So they just ignore the principle…

And – of course – things like Slimming World and Weight Watchers WORK for some people

But if you don’t know why or how?

It can become frustrating when things slow down…

if you struggle with comfort eating…

A negative relationship with food.

Now, I’m not saying you have to count calories.

In fact, even if you just write down what you’re going to eat for the week

Have a shopping list

and just be aware that CALORIES are king …

You’ll probably become more self aware and lower your calories.

But there is more to this…

About making everyday tasks, like shopping and climbing stairs, so they can be out of breath

Feeling better about yourself

Fitting back into clothes

Ageing well

Being an example for kids and grandkids and wanting to be around for them

Fitting everything in to a busy lifestyle.

Getting stronger

And this is where knowing that things you hear out there like:


No carbs after 6pm


Are JUST tactics to help you lower your calories 

This way?

You can create YOUR diet.

Pick the best from every ‘diet’ out there and fit it to your lifestyle 🙂

Matt ‘honest’ Fruci

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