Eating Out Bank Holiday?

If you’re eating out over the weekend

Socialising with others

First thing I’ll say is I want you to enjoy it.

Yes, me, the guy who you probably think it’s going to take the fun out of life wants you to enjoy it.

Sounds odd, right?

You see, a lot of people don’t enjoy these events.

They dread them. 

Feel guilty.

Feel like they have failed 

Feel like they “get in the way”.

But the thing is

You make the choices.

We – as adults – can choose to make the choices we want.

Now, I’ve put together a free guide which might help (comment below with “eating out” and I’ll send you over our eating guide)

But what I want to ask you today are a few simple, yet powerful questions / statements to help you think differently:

🤔 Are you people pleasing or are you making this choice for you?

🤔 I am choosing to eat / drink [insert food or drink here] because [insert benefits you get from having it]

🤔 I am choosing not to eat / drink [insert food / drink] because it doesn’t align with the things I want to achieve  [insert reasons why you’re doing this]

Matt “Happy Bank Holiday Weekend” Fruci

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