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Eating out and staying on track…

 Eating out and staying on track

So we had a family weekend away in London the other week.

Getting a bit lost with a 3 year old and a 5 year old…

Was a bit of a challenge:

“My legs are hurting”

To which I responded – in true Fruci Fit fashion – “Let’s focus on getting through that next one step”


We finally came across somewhere to eat, albeit wasn’t where we planned.

There was a market in Sloane Square 

And wow, never seen so much food. 

Amazing looking vegan food (and I am not vegan..)







Stall after stall 


We were walking around.

I was starving

Slightly h-angry. 

Which I could tell as I was becoming quite short with Mrs Fruci and the kids (oooops)..

And after all of that walking I just thought

“I’m getting this, it looks amazing”

So I ended up getting the vegan dish.

It was amazing

I didn’t actually know it was vegan until it came and I noticed it was a lentil burger under the rainbow of salads and slaws, but it was lovely. 


We kept walking around..

To which I had a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out)…

“OMG paella”

“Wow look at the ribs there”


Should have waited, I thought.

And I nearly went in for another meal…

But thought:

“Do I actually need any more?”

But the thing is, eating out and on-the-go when trying to lose some weight, get fit and drop a few dress sizes is one of the most common challenges I hear from the ladies we work with…

“What’s the best thing to choose?”

or even…

“Maybe this isn’t the best time to start?”

“Will it still work if I eat out a lot?”

Almost like you have to choose one or the other…eating out or losing weight…

And I guess it comes down to what you mean by ‘work’…

it’s only going to ‘work’ if you fit the ‘diet’ to YOUR lifestyle….

And I’m pretty sure, that your lifestyle will involve meals out…

Holidays, Christmas, birthdays, Easter,  and even your local nutritionist inviting you to Sloane Square soon haha

So what can you do?

Well, not only did I ask some of the ladies in our Fit For Life Programme what they do when eating out, but I also combined this with what the sciencey stuff says about eating out and still losing weight…

1. Choose the social events you’re going to enjoy and others where you’ll make healthier choices

2. Walk around a buffet before picking up a plate

3. Know there’s a difference between being full up and having enough

4. Focus on company not food (it is a social event)

5. Know that you are not missing out, but simply aligning your actions with your goals. 

how much of what you choose to eat is based on what other people do?

One study showed that when 2 out of the 3 friends opted for the ‘healthier’ option, the 3rd friend followed

6. Think Debits and Credits – Whether you’re tracking points, calories, syns, or just trying to eat ‘heathy portions’, all can work. 

But how might your mindset around thinking ‘F it, I’ll start again on Monday’ change if you knew that you COULD allow more on certain days to compensate and less on others?

Put it this way, if you had a budget of £100 for a week and you spent £80 in 1 day, you wouldn’t think ‘F it…might as well spend £800’

Yet that is essentially our mindset when it comes to food…

Causing you to spiral from one bad meal to one bad day to one bad week to ‘what’s the point’…

And it’s blooming hard getting started again…​​​​​

Key take home?

Eating out is probably a part of your lifestyle.

So by saying you can’t start or there’s no point in starting if you’re eating out

Is basically saying that you either have to give up your social life or stay the same as it’s not ‘perfect’

And -again – it comes back down to that belief you have that it has to be ‘perfect’…

Which stops you sticking to something for long enough to see the results you want to see…

You see, time with family and friends and having some fun (which you’re allowed to do)

is probably the reason why you want to invest some time and energy in your health and fitness…

To have more energy. Confidence. Feel great in the clothes you wear. How you feel. 

Eliminate aches and pains..

Sure, some compromises have to be made…

and ​​you’ll probably get quicker results if you never eat out and deprive yourself…

But that’s not for me…

and it probably comes to the question of:

What makes you happy?​​​​

Matt ‘never thought I would like a lentil burger’ Fruci