Eating every 3 hours, cream teas, and posing in your bra and knickers

‘You can’t see them.

I’m in my sisters kitchen because the lighting has to be the same…

But…I’m in my bra and knickers

So, you can’t see them…

But all I can say, is there’s a massive difference’

A funny line from a Fit For Life Body Transformation member this week closing in on 2 stone of weight loss since she started

^^^ Despite a week of several cream teas last week!

But the best thing about this?

The cream teas didn’t derail her. 

She didn’t think ‘sod it, I’ll just give up’ and pile all of the weight back on.

Because she’s learnt how to balance her food intake over the week to guarantee that she’s stays focussed, on track, and doesn’t lose motivation.

The result?

She’s straight back on it and DOING THE WORK

and actually lost another pound in the process

Showing that it’s not always about striving for perfection (depending on the stage of your life you are in)

But rather…

Not ‘breaking the chain’


Not giving up and hopping on to the next diet craze. 

And it’s nearly 2 stone off, despite going through probably one of the most hectic periods of her life. 

Kids, family, social events, and holidays have meant that she’s had a lot on her plate (pun intended)

But she’s understanding exactly how different types of food make her feel in terms of hunger, energy, and bloating. 

So she knows how much and what types of foods work for her.

And as a result, has not only managed to keep the weight off

^^^ Something that not many of us can do. We’re great at losing or gaining, right? AKA yoyo’ing! But, we’re no good at just hanging about. 

But is also losing more weight and stepping it up again this week 

Taking confidence from what she’s achieved so far on her body transformation journey and using this to push forward to her goal of being the leanest and fittest she’s ever been 

^^^ and surprising a few members of her family that she hasn’t seen in a while next year…which will soon come around

And just by understanding and applying the scientific principles of weight loss…

She’s no longer being run by the clock…


Having to spend hours preparing a load of food to ‘spike her metabolism’ and every 3 hours 

Because the truth is, you’re told to eat little and often to stop you snacking, right?

So, essentially, you’re being told to ‘snack’ to stop you snacking…

Which is insanity.

You’re now doing the same thing and expecting a different result. 

Wondering why you’re not losing fat and changing your body shape. 

Fed up of guessing? 

Want to lose fat, keep it off, and change your body shape once and for all?

I’ve got 2 spaces on a free trial for my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme starting w/c Monday 24th October.

To apply and understand exactly how different types of food make YOU feel in terms of hunger, energy, and bloating and feel empowered to build a nutrition strategy that has you feeling more confident in your favourite clothes and surprising your friends and family at social events…

Go here:

Speak soon,


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