Looking silly, brown bread, and slow release energy

Me and the wife watched the film ‘Equals’ this weekend on our ‘date night’

You seen it?


Well, long story short…

Two people in an emotionLESS utopia regain their feelings from a ‘mysterious’ disease called:



‘Switched On Syndrome’

And this causes tension between them and society. 

Because they’re different. 

They are doing what they WANT to do. 

Rather than what they THINK they should do

Or – perhaps even worse – what they think others want them to do

^^^ A bit like me when I used to think that I had to start my day with a ‘heart-healthy’ slice of brown bread to give me ‘slow release energy’ for a run that would ‘burn fat’ 

Because here’s the thing:

Your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs and your fears

Drive what YOU do

And what you DO determines what YOU get. 

Yet, your beliefs and your fears are just thoughts that YOU choose to believe

Based on made up stories and scenarios that make you PROCRASTINATE!

Stop you doing the work.

STOP you from getting what YOU want. 

And the most frustrating thing about all of this?

The fact you’re probably not actually scared of failing


You’re scared of ‘looking silly’ to others

Being different

Worrying what other people will think

‘Oh, Jane’s on a yet ANOTHER diet’

‘She’s always dieting’

And because of this…

You procrastinate

Put it off

Waste more time

Stay in the same situation that you are frustrated with right now:

‘Having to wear baggy clothes and sleep in my dressing gown (not because of the cold)” 

^^^ as Fit For Life Body Transformation member (Josie), put it.

Which is exactly why I make YOU 100% accountable for your mind and body transformation so you STOP stopping, don’t lose motivation after the honeymoon period, and feel more confident about the way you move, look and feel in your clothes.

Because you only get results for DONE!

Happy Monday 


PS. The wife had to wake me up half-way through the film…I liked the message of the film but it did drag!

PPS. Back to the chick flick next week

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