I could have eaten a bag of milk chocolate buttons

Said a new member on my Body Transformation programme this week.

And I think we can all relate to the old milk choc button cravings, right?

Especially when you start a ‘diet’

As she explained in her update this week:

“Can’t believe it’s nearly been three weeks. Weight is on track – weigh in this morning was 64.2 which is crrraaazzzzzzyyy.

I know I keep saying it but I really cannot believe how good I feel even though I am on a ‘diet’.

I don’t track every day because I work out what I am eating three days in advance which works well for me and I don’t get bored.

I know I can change it, if and when, I need to accommodate a small craving or whatever

I have seen small changes in my shoulder and arm definition which is cool because this was a target area. ”

The key to her success?

She simply plans her meals in advance for a few days

Taking away the stress of not knowing what and when to eat

Helping her to overcome those 323pm grazing frenzies to tie you ‘over until dinner’

and my favourite part?

She can ‘change it, if and when’ to accommodate a ‘small craving’

Which means she doesn’t fall off the bandwagon


Find herself chomping through bags of milk chocolate buttons, with a bottle of wine, a box of tissues, and Bridget Jones…

Because it’s not about ‘perfection’

It’s about ‘progress’

You vs You

Here’s the thing:

If you can lose weight by eating more than ‘Jane’ did and doing less exercise than ‘Margaret’ did…

Why make it any harder for yourself (than it already is) by doing the exact same diet and exercise programmes they did?

Now, this might sound a bit lazy.

But the truth is, you could call me ‘lazy’

I want convenience, ease and the best results possible for this.

It’s a bit like why I ordered all of the baby stuff from Boots online in one go.

I couldn’t be bothered queuing up.

Wasting more time picking the stuff up, let alone carrying it all back in my little car, being tempted to buy more premium nappies and be the first dad to join NetMums and talk nappies…

But anyway…

Making things SUPER simple and convenient for your lifestyle…

Is exactly what I do for you in Female Fat Loss Mastery

So you can lose weight, keep it off, take back control of the milk chocolate buttons binges and develop a more positive relationship with food (once and for all).

And join the other Body Transformation members, like Amelia:

I know I keep saying it but I really cannot believe how good I feel even though I am on a ‘diet’.”

Speak soon,

Matt ‘Registered Nutritionist and Certified Nappy Consultant’ Fruci

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