72% of parents agreed

I hope I don’t get a slap for this one.

But I can’t help but notice the state of the NHS, right now.

And it makes me sad.

I’m part of a diabetes education team who help to educate patients recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes by their GP to better manage their weight, lifestyle and diabetes.

And I love doing this.

It’s so so rewarding seeing patients learn, make changes and set new action plans that really will change their lives for the better.

Yet, I also see…

* Hospitals loaded with “junk” food. 

* The NHS England chief executive recently stating that more than 50% of the 1.3 million NHS staff are overweight or obese.

^^^ Which questions whether the NHS are looking after their employees (too many hours? Workload? Stress > tiredness > poor food choices)


* “Health promoting institutions” 


Gyms / health clubs

Selling and promoting junk food as we enter and exit.

Which conflicts the “lifestyle education” we’re promoting, right?

That is…

A more balanced, moderate approach to food.

^^^ Which is a saying I hate by the way because we abuse it, right?

And I’m not talking about excluding foods completely 

But learning about how you can incorporate these foods into your diet to fit your lifestyle, preferences and weight loss goals.

My 80/20 rule I talk about a lot.


With this junk food promoted in these “healthy institutions”

It just becomes the “norm”

More “acceptable”

And even contributes to “pester power”

^^^ Something Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Julie, mentioned to me recently 

And it’s no wonder.

Because 72% of parents felt advertising contributes to “pester power”



^^^ conveniently placed at the checkouts for you!

And I have this all to look forward with a little one due in January.

But this last statistic is perhaps the most shocking:

For every £1 spent by the World Health Organisation on “good health”

The junk food industry spend £500 on marketing junk food.

^^^ Read that again

And, yes, there are now TV restrictions on adverts to stop sugary drinks being advertised before 9pm.


But where do kids spend most of their time now?

On their phones and ithings, right?

Allowing these companies to get around time restrictions and target Peppa Pig on YouTube!


it’s not all doom and gloom, I guess.

Rightly or wrongly, the NHS England consultation proposes either 

A) Banning sugar sweetened beverages – including cans of pop and other drinks such as fruit juice with added sugar, and sweetened milk 


B) Forcing vendors to pay a levy to sell such drinks on NHS premises.

On top of this, the NHS England chief executive has suggested that school inspectors should examine how fit their children are alongside how well they do at maths and the main subjects to rate them.

What do you think about this?

I’d love to hear from you.

Do we want to become a “nanny state”?

What’s your thoughts on teaching kids more about cooking and nutrition?

Best wishes

Matt “getting a slap on the wrist” Fruci

PS. The pre body transformation tasks for Female Fat Loss Mastery kick off Monday and I’m SUPER excited

Which reminds me…

Tonight I’m doing a seminar all about weight loss plataues and whether they are actually real, let alone stopping you from losing weight!

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