How to eat what you want, whenever you want and still lose weight

‘You’re so lucky’

‘I just don’t know where you put it all”

“I wish I had time to make food like that”

“I wish I had a fast metabolism like you”

Ever said one of those to someone else?

Well, a member on my body transformation programme mentioned that a friend said to her that she must just have a ‘fast metabolism’

And that’s why she’s losing weight

Why did she say that?

Well, they were out for dinner

And she went for a pudding

Something she wouldnt have done in the past through fear of the so-called ‘bad foods’ (only to binge eat later when she got home…)

Until she realised the 2 key principles (in my opinion) of ditching the baggy clothes for good:

1) How much energy you eat from food over the DAY or WEEK

2) Food volume (how much food is on your plate….can you fill it with nutritious foods that stop you being hungry or H-angry and awaken your energy?)

Get the above right?

And you’ll be the ‘lucky’ one with the fast metabolism

Just like the member on my body transformation programme did last week.

She planned her food intake over the week so she STILL hit her nutrient targets

^^^ No one considers the work she does when no one is looking

even with a few social situations


And piece of cake

Is it easy, you ask?


I won’t fib

It’s hard work

^^^ Not ‘luck’​​​

Especially at the beginning

Just like anything worth having is

^^^ you know, those sleepless nights when the kids when they just won’t settle for you

But I do make things super simple for you with over 1000 (and counting) simple meal ideas and recipes you can adapt for you and your family

And the results?

No more expensive ‘super duper, magical and mystical’ supplements

A new wardrobe full of your favourite, more fashionable clothes (not included in my body transformation programmes)

More energy than ever before

And best of all?

the know how to keep the weight off once and for all

And knickers being held up with safety pins

^^^ As a body transformation member mentioned to me last week 😉

For less than your coffee on the high street a day

​​​​​​Actually, I’ve used that one before

All for less than a lotto ticket per day

Still not convinced?

Want to give Fat Loss Mastery a trial?

apply here:

Matt ‘create your own luck’ Fruci

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