My #1 Must Have ‘Magical’ Supplement To Lose Weight

The following is the only ‘magical secret’ supplement you’ll ever need:

***** Consistency  *****

If you could buy this supplement, it would cost you £9.999999999999999999999999999.
It’s not sexy. 
But spending 15 minutes to:
* Plan your meals
* Put your exercise sessions in your diary
* Get to bed on time
* Structure in FUN and down time for YOU (yes, you need to have some fun, too) like it’s a date with Brad Pitt (or Peter Andre)
Is the key to this toning up malarkey


If you want to know some of the OPTIONAL supplements I recommend…​​​​​​

Whey protein
Whey protein is high quality, easily digested, convenient and cheap compared to other protein sources like meat and fish.

It’s also been shown to help you keep you full up​​​

Here is a good value for money whey protein shake.

It’s convenient, cheap, and one of the highest quality sources of protein so it may be particularly useful for when you are on-the-go and / or making pancakes / bars.

Pea Protein 

Great for replacing flour in gluten-free recipes and adding protein to meals. Here’s a pea protein: CLICK HERE 

Coconut Oil (Ideal for cooking)
A good source of fats and good to cook with.

​​​In terms of weight loss, there may be some positives CLICK HERE TO GO (coco)NUTS
Omega 3 / Cod liver oil
Omega 3 is an essential fat that we have to get from our diet (our body cannot make it). It is scarce in typical Western diets.

​​​Unless you’re eating a lot of oily fish (say 3 times per week), I would recommend supplementing with fish oil / omega 3 capsules.


​Vitamin D3

Appears to benefit your immune system and is especially important if you’re inside a lot in the summer or live in England…
Here’s an option for you (but I’d always recommend getting your levels checked): CLICK HERE
Make sure the one you get is Vitamin D3 and not D2 (as D2 is not utilised by the body very well)

​Peanut butter 

High in calories BUT so tasty. Try it on rice cakes, carrot sticks, celery sticks, in porridge, or with pancakes but just watch the fat content. 
Peanut butter: CLICK HERE
Higher protein snacks
As for bars, these are quite good for keeping carbs low and still 
getting your protein and fibre in: CLICKHERE

Calorie free syrups
Great for adding to coffee’s and topping on porridge and pancakes: CLICK HERE
so there you have it….

The magical, mystical ‘must-have’ supplement


And I can guarantee that if you had THIS​​​​​​​​​

You’d be exactly where you want to be right now

Instead of looking for the next ‘quick-fix’

^^^ That often has you piling the weight you lose (and more) back on​​​​​​​​​​

The good news?

I’ve got all the right ingredients ​​​​​​for you here (wow, that was cheesey):

Matt ‘renowned cheeseball’ Fruci​

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