Is this the food making you fat?

“Jenn, have you seen my brown jumper?”

“No, I can’t remember the last time I wore it”

^^^ the wife’s witty response

“You sure you didn’t move it?”

It then goes quiet…

And 2 minutes later..

I come out with my brown jumper on

“Where was it?”

In my wardrobe with all of my other jumpers…

You see, we love to blame, right?

And when it comes to diet, ditching the bingo wings and weight loss

You love to blame one thing

It makes things simple

Be it carbs


Donald Trump

Or – now – vegetable oil

Now, I get it

Vegetable oil, such as soy bean and palm oil…

Are found in a lot of your favourite foods now

From your weekend curry and comforting Bourbons to the “natural” and “organic” peanut butter

But vegetable oils, like soybean and palm oil,

Are just 2 of the 8 ingredients (along with wheat, rice, sugar, corn, barely and potato)

That make up 85% of our calories!

So is it really just vegetable oil making you fat?

Given that all these foods are cheap and convenient

And perhaps the key problem?

Not having a nutrient-rich diet

Type B malnutrition they call it

Eating enough calories but not enough nutrients

Leading to tiredness

Poor sl​eep

Weight gain

Hunger (or H-angey…as I like to say whenever I get irritable with the wife due to to being hungry)

A ton o​f caffeine to get you through the day

A lack of of “motivation”

And the classic “I have no willpower” evening binge with your good friends Ben & Jerry

Because we know that

tiredness >>> stress >>>decreased ability to make better-informed decisions that have your long term outcomes in mind >>>> binges driven by short term “feel good” food that makes you feel guilty and piles more pain on you

Which is exactly why I give you over 1000 recipes and meal ideas to help you hit your nutrient targets

So just like a Fat Loss Mastery member said to me recently:

“I’m on a real high at the moment and I actually know what I’m going to make when doing my shopping”

Which actually saved her a ton of money on her weekly shop

^^^ I might be rivalling that Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis soon

And most importantly

She saves a ton of time

^^^ your most precious asset

So she can have more “me” time

Recharge her batteries

And spend more time with family and having the confidence to get stuck in with rugby tots and swimming with the kids

Which are the things you want, right?

Not much else to say

Apart from the fact…

that time is running out for you​​​​​​

Matt “still looking for my brown jumper” Fruci

​PS. The free trial of my Fat Loss Mastery Programme starts one week today.

To see if you’re a good fit, go here:​​​​​​

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