Eat more & lose fat?

“Do need to eat more to lose more weight? “

Ever been told that before?

Well, there might be some truth in this.

Probably not because of the reason you are thinking a.k.a. it boosts your metabolism?

Real reason?

Let’s say you are trying to hit something like 800 cal or 1000 cal

But it’s stressful, it’s taking up a lot of your time and energy and you are actually struggling to stick to it.

On some days, you think “sod it” and all of a sudden you hit the “F it” button and even triple your calories.

What this means is we perhaps need to eat more so that we can stick to it?

So let’s say we increase your calories by 400 every day.

You might actually now stick to it then we can see what works and what doesn’t work

(and actually get answers so we can personalise this for you, just like we do inside our 28 Day Kickstart. Message me with “kickstart” for more info)

But there is another reason why eating more could help you lose more weight…

Simply by eating more nutrient dense foods-

👉 Could you add a salad to your meal 

👉 Serve veg and protein before carbs at the roast dinner 

👉 Add some Mediterranean veg to your bolognese 

👉 Add some more veg to your stir fry


These will bulk our your meals…

And rather than thinking about what you have to take away / eat less of?

You can focus on what you can ADD in!

It was only the other day, me and my daughter were eating pistachios. 

And I could literally just keep going . 

So moreish. 

And one way to think about this is this:

if I was to crush the pistachios in a bowl. It would make a little dust in a bowl. It wouldn’t take up much room, right? 

So it’s no wonder it’s not filling me up.

You compare that to a big chicken salad with some cheese on top ?

And that’ll take up a lot more room in my gut 

Thus making me feel full …

So where could you eat more to lose weight today?

Matt “hungry?” Fruci

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