How long should I exercise for?

It comes up a lot..

Especially as we have 30 minute sessions..

People think it may not be enough

Or ‘will it do anything’

Now, considering that consistency over time

Will probably dictate your results

I think this sums it up nicely (see photo)

After all, it did dawn on me one day

As I finished my 2 minute workout ( that I do multiple times in a day)

How I am training people for an hour

Who hate exercise

Or maybe have not exercised in a while

Yet here I am 

Someone who is meant to love exercise

Squeezing in 2 minute workouts in between my coffees haha

^^ to be fair, I do have a few coffees a day …

Anyway, if you want to see what it is all about

And – dare I say it – find exercise ‘fun’

Reply with ‘Reboot’ and I will get you the details on our next Reboot kickstart

Specifically for women 40+ who pretty much know what to do already 

But need the plan and accountability to do it…


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