When’sa your Dolmio Day: Lessons From Nonna…

"When'sa your Dolmio Day?"

So yesterday, Nonna Dolmio went back on herself and said that we should only be eating Dolmio pasta sauces ONCE PER WEEK instead of EVERYDAY because of their high sugar content.

Luckily, my Nonna makes her own pasta sauce.

But, that doesn't stop her forcing everyone to eat MORE and MORE pasta, bread, and sauce...

It's the culture.

^^^ "it's how it's always been"

And it's the same with dieting.

We're always "dieting".

Trying to "lose a few pounds" but just getting frustrated as the weight piles on as life gets busy.

But, we can learn a lot from Dolmio.

Maybe, it's time to "diet less", too...

Eat a bit more, boost our metabolism, nourish our body again, get our hormones back on track, decrease stress, and GET MORE ENERGY!

^^^And it's for these same reasons that I recommend all clients finish their weight-loss diet 1-2 weeks BEFORE the holiday / wedding / social event they were wanting to look their best for.

In fact, eating more WITHIN YOUR LEAN UP DIET can actually help you lose more unwanted body FAT!

Extra calories and certain types of carbs will have the greatest impact on your metabolism and fat burning.

Check this study from International Journal Of Preventive Medicine 2014:

Overweight participants who had "diet breaks" (e.g. days where they could eat more) for 3 days every 11 days (over a 42 day period), maintained their metabolism (calories burned at rest) and experienced significantly greater weight-loss (5.79% vs. 3.38%) and body fat loss (12.69% vs. 5.18%) compared to those who simply just did a diet for 42 days...

So, could eating more help you lose fat?


Have a great weekend!


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