Dieting lessons from Home Alone…

Yes, I’m guilty of watching a few cheesey Christmas films at the weekend.

One of which was Home Alone 2


I was reminded of just how ridiculous…Yet painfully funny it is

It’s a true classic.

Harry and Marv are literally falling for EVERY trap put up by Kevin

Making the same mistakes every…single, time.

And speaking of traps.

This weeks VIP seminar is ALL about Trigger foods.

You know the ones that you eat even when you’re not hungry?

And / Or

The ones that you could just keep eating once you start.

It’s almost like you switch off any signals that make you feel full up, right?

Your emotions take over

And you feel out of control.

Feel guilty.

Blame yourself.

And ask yourself:

‘why did I just do this?’

And self sabotage is one of the biggest reasons that stops you losing weight and keeping it off.

You see, I could go through a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at 9pm after one of those long, dark and gloomy days (even after eating a nice, warm soup followed by some ‘melt in mouth’ steaks)

^^^ Especially when I’m tired, skipped a few meals, didn’t plan properly and things out of my control took over. 

And it doesn’t make sense?

Can you just blame the ‘sugar’?

I mean, sugar does light up areas of your brain similar to how cocaine does


It also contains fat.

What about your emotions?

Do you have previous memories of eating a certain food when you feel sad to cheer you up?

Now, I’m going to be delving in to the 3 strategies you can use to control this in more detail in this weeks VIP seminar

But, I’ll share just this one with you:

1. Catch yourself doing it – Note the trigger and why you are reaching for these foods.

Is it because you didn’t plan your meals for the week ahead?

Did you sleep well last night?

Are you doing too much? Not looking after yourself?

Is it actually because you are hungry?

And on this point, does anyone actually know what hunger is anymore

Which is brings me on nicely to another strategy about eating intuitively

You see, I bang on about this A LOT

Teaching you how to eat on the go and eyeball food portions in a way that leaves you leaner, more toned and with more energy than ever before whilst still having a life and not stressing about what and when to eat.


Without the education…

Eating intuitively could well be the worst piece of advice I could give you.


Well, by eating intuitively

I could quite easily grab a large cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles, a £1 chocolate bar and a Subway Meatball Melt

^^^ JUST from filling up my car with petrol, being lured in by all the smells and seeing shiny wrappers

You see, I wasn’t ‘hungry’ when I walked in


I’ve consumed a 600 calorie drink, a 500 calorie sandwitch and 300 calorie chocolate bar

Which begs the question, does anyone truly know when they’re hungry anymore?

Something I’ll be going into more detail with in this week VIP seminar.

Speak soon,

Matt ‘Beating the Trigger Trap’ Fruci

PS. I guess you could say it’s ironic that I’m talking about ‘trigger’ foods having just added wine, Bailey’s, and lattes to my ‘build your own’ nutritional strategy members-only area

But my point is that there’s often A LOT more explaining why you’re feeling out of control and powerless to these foods than purely the white stuff (sugar

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