Dieting Tip From Karen

So not only has Karen lost a load of weight and got into the clothes she wanted to wear for her holiday and a wedding she recently went to...

Karen has also lost event more weight recently. 


Well, I'll share her rapid weight loss tip here:

"So I have a the answer to quick weight loss. Have a kitchen renovation just before Christmas, get an oven that doesn't work, ( hopefully fixed Friday) walk to work and back, 5 miles in all. There you go."

And you know what?

Having a kitchen renovation is actually a PROVEN way to help you lose weight without relying on willpower. 

and I don't meant ripping out your kitchen.

But actually simply moving a few things around.

Just like I show you in my super simple, 1-page Shift It Checklist in my Shift Project. 

After all, did you know that for every 4 minutes lounging in your kitchen...

You eat an extra 80 calories? 

That's about 10lbs of unwanted FAT GAIN in a year...

Start small, think big..

Just like the Shifters do in my FREE 7-Day Rapid Shape Up Shift starting Monday 8th January

Small improvements = sustainable, fast fat loss

And who knows?

maybe you too can feel more confident in your favourite clothes again, just like Karen is. 

To apply, click the link below

Matt 'kitchen architect' Fruci

PS. Because many of the ladies who've applied to do my 7-Day Rapid Shape Up Shift have decided to do everything from home using your Shift members area and private support group..

(and not attend the personal coaching sessions with me... )

I now have 5 more spaces available if you want access to BOTH...

Which I fully expect to be gone by January (as you know what it's like with New Years Resolutions) 

So to make 2018 the year you ditch the fad diets for good and slim down without sacrificing your social life (or carbs)

click the link below:

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