‘I’m addicted to sugar’

I try not to watch the news too much anymore (especially in the morning)

^^^ I prefer to just sing nursery rhymes to my daughter (it make me happy…and when I’m happy…I do better things…I’m better to be around…less irritable…you get it)

But last weekend with it being Easter

There was a bit more TV on than normal

And I couldn’t help but feel frustrated, anxious, and almost panicky at the headlines coming out

^^^ even though I know that the news is there to ENTERTAIN you, too (despite the tragedies that go on) and the fact media is bigger than ever so we hear about stuff more than ever

But here’s the thing

What I noticed was that everyone was BLAMING someone else.

One country would blame them….another would blame them

It was worse than one of those enticing games of pass the parcel (you know, where you super slowly pass the parcel to hope it lands on you….or do it super quickly if the music has just started)

And it seems to be no different in this weight loss and toning up game

You see, you’ve got self-proclaimed nutritionists telling you that SUGAR is the ONLY things to blame

They’ll tell you that sugar lights up areas of your briain similar to how cocaine works

^^^ Which I’ve spoken about before

That ‘natural’ sugar doesn’t count

That fruit is ‘bad’ (even though it’s linked with health benefits and living longer in study after study….)

That you should avoid all white carbs, like white rice (how are the Japanese population getting on? Living longer than us?)

They’ll tell you that the only way to lose your stomach fat is by giving up sugar

And they’ll tell you that it’s as simple as this for everyone and that anyone who says you can eat some cake at your kid’s birthday party (without feeling guilty, of course) and STILL stay on track is sponsored by Mr Kipling

^^^ Just for the record, Mr Kipling is a good friend of mine

But I’m here to tell that this is NOT the case

What if I told you that it’s NOT just sugar to blame?

that other foods are more addictive?

Well, you can prove this to yourself…

go eat some granulated sugar (grainy…rough)

Now, go eat an iced-finger bun and notice the soft and moist texture in your mouth that would have the lights in your trainers flickering on and off in excitement (if you had LED lights in your trainers…which seem to be coming back into fashion…)

What’s in these types of moist, soft, sweet, and creamy foods that we all love?

Sugar, FAT, and SALT

^^^ Which when combined, are pretty heaven to your taste buds

Just try fat free cookies vs regular cookies

And I could go on….

So I’ll leave you with what you can do and what our friends in white lab coats found…

They found that being overweight was related to addictive-like problems for high-FAT savoury and high-FAT sweet foods’

Which basically means you are no different to me or anyone else

We all love how we feel when sink our teeth into that soft, moist and creamy iced-glazed donut

And I get it

you probably feel out of control when around these foods (just like the other members have said on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme)

And I’ve been there, too

Depriving myself of chocolate

Only to binge and feel like a failure

^^^ And I actually used to recommend this ‘deprive yourself of your favourite foods’ stuff, too

What do I recommend now?

Well, I adapt my food to fit my family, foods I like and LIFE

Be it by leaving room for mine and my wife’s new favourite Lindt Coconut flavour chocolate (WOW)

Having an Indian Takeaway

Or making do with a super simple stir fry or salad (that takes less than 5 mins)

Because here’s the thing

What you THINK may be stopping you from ditch the baggy clothes for good…

Just might not be so

As I reveal in my FREE live in-person event

^^^ Yes, in a world of iThings and scrolling through social media, I’ll be taking live and in-person…

How To Overcome The 7 Biggest Weight Loss Myths And Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back Without Spending Hours In A Gym Or Giving Up Your Favourite Foods

​​Registrations are dealt with on a strictly first come, first served basis

So, enough from me

Register here: https://frucifit.com/free-seminar/


Matt ‘Chief Cake Enforcer At Mr Kipling’ Fruci

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