It’s the 4th leading cause of disease and disability…

It just settles her down.

Stops her barking.

Means she doesn’t cry

Stops her chewing stuff

And hunting around for food (OK, this one is a lie)

After all, she’s been laying there sleeping all night. 

She needs to burn off some energy in the morning.

^^^ The instructions from the wife to…

Walk the dog this morning!

And it seems like common sense, right?

Yet, recent stats from Public Health England show that:

* Over 1 in 4 women do less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week (so are classed as ‘inactive’)

* A lack of physical activity is damaging the health of 50% of women

* And physical INACTIVITY is the 4th leading cause of disease and disability (costing £7.4 billion every year)

^^^ Did you see BBC Panorama this week? It was about diabetes, the consequences, diet and bariatric surgery (which I’ll come on to soon)

And it comes down to the fact that we’d probably be…

* Fitter (so everyday tasks like walking, climbing stairs, and looking after kids, are easier)

* Healthier (by reducing your risk of metabolic diseases like Type 2 diabetes and reducing the risk of preventable deaths, falls and disabilities )

* More productive in the workplace (as we know exercise improves your cognitive ability)

* Improving children’s educational attainment (by again, increasing cognitive ability and your social / interaction skills which can be transferred to education and the workplace)


Both me and you treated ourselves like…

A dog!


* Breaking up long periods of sitting by ‘playing catch’ 

^^^ You can do anything you enjoy, obviously. But if you enjoy throw and catch, then do it. I’m not judging. In fact, do you remember the episode of Friends where Joey and Chandler (I think) were counting how many times they can throw the ball to one another? That looked pretty fun. Anyway, where did that tangent come from? Back in the room.

* Making sure we get some physical activity in the morning and in the evening

* Not feeding yourself junk food all day that makes you super hyper (my dog does the tail run and sprints around like a mad woman when the wife has given her leftovers…) and then leaves you crashing out and relying on coffee at 3:23pm (don’t worry, I don’t give me dog coffee…apart from one time where my bag of beans split and she ate some coffee beans. We won’t go there, though).

* Making sure you drink enough water to boost your energy, help you digest food, move things along in the gut, and help you tell the difference between real hunger and ‘maybe your thirsty / bored’ hunger (OK. This example doesn’t apply to my black lab…she’ll just eat and eat…as I go on to now!)

* If you’re like my black lab and will just eat and eat if it’s ‘in the fridge’ or just ‘on the side’…

You may want to put things away and change your environment so you’re not just relying on ‘willpower’


Discover the types and amounts of foods and exercises that help keep you full, feeling more energetic and ditching the love handles

Speak soon,


PS. I’ll be giving my 2 pence on the diabetes / diet / bariatric surgery debate in the next few days and going into more detail about the exact diet that has REVERSED (or put in remission if we’re being more cautious) diabetes. 

PPS. It’s Friday. So, put that frown upside down! Because research shows it might just help you lose some weight…

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