Dieting lessons from coconut chocolate

I confess. If Mrs Fruci has been out to Waitrose, come back with some Lindt Coconut Chocolate, and conveniently left it out RIGHT where I put my phone and car keys…

Then I will find myself ripping open the foil and enjoy the delightful rich, melt in mouth sweet and smooth coconut and and chocolate explosion in my mouth 🙂

And it just shows how what you do is so dependent on your environment, right? I mean, I wasn’t hungry? But I was just in from work, rushing around, and found myself picking at it because ‘it was there’.

And this is why when I’m asked questions like ‘how do I control my cravings?’…it’s difficult to give ONE answer.

I mean, there are some little tips and tricks like looking at your fibre intake, water intake, and protein intake, to name a few…

But more often than not…it’s actually your environment causing those ‘cravings’ / energy ‘pick me ups’. Cakes at work? Stress at work? Home life? Tiredness? KIDS? Not looking after you? Boredom?

The solution?

Well, there’s a one of strategies you could use like the ones we use in Fat Loss Mastery to create a strategy to help you overcome every obstacle you face

^^^ Although you HAVE to want to DO it for it to work.

One way is finding what works for you…just like a recent study showed when they gave people Hershey’s chocolate kisses (sooo tasty by the way) for 48 hours with one of the two coping strategies which – in a nutshell – were:

1) Put the food out of sight and ignore it


2) Practice mindfulness, accept your thoughts saying you want to eat it, know that this is OK and don’t beat yourself for it.

And the ‘best’ strategy?

Well, it depended on the person. If you’re more sensitive to your food environment (like me) practicing mindfulness and accepting that it is NORMAL for you – a human being – to want high energy, fatty and sugary foods as we are programmed to SURVIVE and NOT beat yourself up about it.

You see, a big part of my nutrition philosophy in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme is giving you unconditional permission to eat ANY food you like​​​​​​​​​.


​​​Because it almost makes you NOT want it so bad.

​​​But – of course- this really depends on you and every person is different. I mean, for some members, moderation just does NOT work but  that’s why a bespoke nutritional strategy WORKS

Because it understands your work / life balance, stress, sleep, the foods you and your family love, and what you are most likely to stick to

Which is the key to toning up, taking control of your ‘comfort eating’ and ditching the baggy clothes – for good!​​


Putting The ‘U’ Back Into Nutrition​​​

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