Dieting 101: Lessons from CBeebies

Balancing your work, kids, family, and cooking is difficult. Sometimes you probably feel that you’re giving more than you’re receiving, yet wonder why you have no energy or time to do anything for YOU!

And despite this, whenever anyone asks you how you are? You say “I’m OK” 

The truth is, it’s ‘OK to be not OK”. And I think this is where me – and you – have probably gone wrong in the past. 

Things are going well. You’re enjoying it. And then one day? You just lose motivation. Don’t feel up for it. Feel like you want to burn everything into the ground. That F it moment.

I’ve been there. Maybe you’re not seeing enough results quick enough? Blaming yourself for lacking the willpower to stick to your diet? Eating your emotions then feeling guilty? 

But recognising these setbacks is just a part of growth and change. Because it’s how you respond to these setbacks that will define your results. And there’s no one size fits all answer here. 

When it comes to toning up, levelling up your energy levels, and taking control of your ‘comfort’ eating, it really comes down to ‘keeping your tools in the toolbox’ and choosing the right one for you at that given time. 

And it’s the same when I’m entertaining my daughter. I could get all her toys out, sing the Circle Of Life 10 times, and turn on Mr Tumble on CBeebies, all at once. But then she just gets bored pretty quick and I’ve got not more options. So, I just give her one toy at a time. When she gets bored? Stops having fun? I’ll introduce another one. Sing a song. Put her in her bouncer… And then, put a bit of Mr Tumble on. It’s varied, fun and keeps her occupied for longer…which equals happy baby (and frees up some time for mum and dad).

My point is that just like they say on CBeebies, most chickens have a pecking order. And this is exactly how you should approach your nutritional strategy if you want to make it fit your lifestyle so you can keep the weight off for good.

No flapping around with ‘all or nothing’ fads…just scientifically sound principles that are adapted for YOU

​​​And a high level of accountability from not only like-minded ladies ‘egging each other on’ and looking to get fitter and stronger and increase their energy levels…

​​​but also a Registered Nutritionist (me) who can become quite annoying with the educational videos, accountability check ins, and posts in our inner circle. 

To help you RESPOND and get out of the ‘rut’ we so often let ourselves get in with this dieting malarkey.

And you might just have a bit of fun in the process…as one member mentioned last week:

This mornings work out was fabulous. I know I will feel it in my arms and abdomen tomorrow. 
Sorry Debbie you got me again. 
Hee hee. 
Thank you Matt you’re an inspiration.​”

Matt Fruci (ANutr, MSc, BSc)
Helping Busy Ladies Hatch A Plan To Ditch The Fad Diets For Good!​​​​​

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