The Meat Story You Were Never Told

The weekend before Christmas is among us.

And I just received a call from my Italian Grandad (as we’re having our first of two Christmas meals with him)

Saying that he’ll be picking up the food on a Saturday

^^^ I love how he picks the busiest day!

A turkey big enough to feed the 5000

Not to mention…




Pigs in blankets

Now, that’s a lot of meat, I know.

Especially when you keep being told that meat causes everything from obesity to the packed out, stinky loos you’ll find on the trains this weekend 

^^^ if you’re heading away to do your Christmas shopping

You see, you’re only told about the fancy stuff…glorified with ‘sensational’ headlines…like:

‘Eating meat is as bad as smoking’

And you’re never told about the studies that find…well…not much, at all.

Where in 17611 people…

Eating neither white meat, red meat, or processed meat were associated with death

Now, of course…

This doesn’t mean that you can’t overdo it

and the chances are…

You (and me) will probably overdo it next weekend

^^^ But if you’re going to overdo one thing on Christmas…meat probably won’t be the worst thing to do it with!

I mean, you probably CAN eat too much meat.

But defining exactly what ‘too much’ is?

Pretty much pointless, in my opinion.


Because meat (or protein) is one of the most filling foods you can eat so you’ll probably naturally stop when you are full up 

^^^ potentially meaning you eat less of the other stuff…like mince pies ;-)))

UNLESS, of course

You are planning on doing the Man Vs Food 72oz steak challenge…

^^^ I’m getting meat sweats just thinking about it.

I would then have to define this as too much 😉

But here’s the thing:

I’ve talked about different types of foods before and what they do for your body

and I actually have a seminar on this next week for VIP Body Transformation members…(it’s a jump towards Module 2 for them)

Now, knowing this is all well and good.

But overloading you with this stuff is the EXACT thing that’s probably stressing you out and stopping you from starting

Stopping you from losing 7lbs…

Stopping you from losing 8cm from the waistline

And stopping you from dumping your old clothes

Which is exactly what happened when Fit For Life Body Transformation member Charlotte…

Introduced her husband, Cyril, to me…

How have they done so well?

By being empowered to build their own nutritional strategies 

That gives you the the freedom to eat the foods you enjoy…

And still shrink the waistline and dump the old, baggy clothes

WITHOUT spending hours on a treadmill

^^^ Yes, some workouts have been as little as 15 minutes…

Which means you stick to it 

And the best diet in the world?

Yes…the one you can do

And that’s exactly what you get in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Matt ‘getting meat sweats’ Fruci

PS. To top off Cyril’s great work, check this:

‘I am only one third of the way to my target new weight 

but already I have had to dump my old large sets of pants, replace my spots jacket and soon I will have to replace my suits and trousers. 

My Christmas present wish-list has at the top: “shirts of collar size 16.5″ to replace my old 17.5” collars.’

And my favourite part?

‘I am looking forward to reaching my target of getting back to the weight I was 40 years ago. 

I should reach that stage in about March-May.’

Proving that the best time to start…is NOW!

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