My #1 random hack to STOP you STOPPING

I was actually reminded of this earlier this week.

I was driving on the M25 and was debating whether I needed a quick toilet break 

And / or…

A Starbucks (Americano with a dollop of cream. Only if you ask nicely. Expect a weird look from the Barista, too).

I was only 30 miles from where I needed to be and the traffic was clear (pretty rare for the M25)


I decided to stop. 

Have a break (not a KitKat)

Just a wee and a Starbucks AKA ‘the usual’

Anyway, I get back on the M25

I see flashing lights

‘Lane Closure’ Warnings


“Queues ahead”

And my initial reaction?

^^^ Note the word ‘reaction’

“Why the F did I stop off?”

Stand still traffic

I look around and see glum faces

It’s ‘hands on head’ time

and then I stop and think about it:

If I wouldn’t have stopped, I could have actually been in the accident. Who knows?

My point is this:

When you’re having one of this weeks

You know, where EVERYTHING seems to be going wrong

You can’t be bothered to exercise

You just want your glass of prosecco and cake

You’re low on energy

And everything is just ‘a bit bleurgh’

^^^ Like me a few weeks ago, in fact.

You feel like you just want to quit.

Because everything SEEMS to be against you. 

^^^ So you think, anyway.

And often, you do end up quitting.

Myself included, actually. 

Until fairly recently, anyway.

Since I’ve been practicing something I learned off of one of my own coaches.

It’s so obvious that you just ignore it.

And I bet you ignore it again today even after I tell you about it now. 

You ready?

Here it is:

It’s the simple process of recording and tracking 5 WINS every, single day. 

Now, if you delve into my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme

you’ll know that we build on this and do – at least – weekly reflection and accountability results

But, for now, get your notepad

Put it next to your bed

And everyday…

I want you to write down 5 wins from the day before

I guarantee that your confidence will go through the roof

and realise just how far you’ve come already

To overcome your fears and stop procrastinating…

Just like we do in the my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

Speak soon,


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