Could THIS be making you fat?

You've tried every diet.

You've tracked your food intake.

You know how much protein you need.

How many carbs make you feel awesome (and how many make you feel sleepy...)

What foods leave you feeling bloated, sweaty and feeling fat.


You still can't lose weight.

And it's not to do with a lack of trying.

I mean, you're not 'lazy' or lacking in effort if you're:

Mindful of portion control

Planning meals in advance

Tracking 'points'

Counting 'syns' over at "Synning World'

It takes time and effort.

I get it.

So what should you do next?

Give it even more time?


Look for the latest wonder tea to burn more fat?

^^^No comment...

Eat a lean persons poo?

^^^ you - and me - wish I was joking...

So, before I get into this research...

If you missed yesterday's chit chat on Nutella, Twinkies and calories...

You got some catching up to do (I'll excuse you whilst you catch up by going here:

Welcome back....

So, according to yesterday...

Overall intake is what matters most, right?

And, right now (given what we know)

This still holds true.

But check this:

Sterile mice (with no bacteria in their guts)

Were given gut microbiome samples (bacteria) from human twins.

The catch?

One human twin was FAT...

The other human twin was LEAN...

The mice were then fed a low-fat diet for 15-days (both were given the same diet).

And despite being on the same diet...

The mice with the 'obese' microbiome put on MORE WEIGHT...

Than the mice with the 'lean' microbiome...

So, could it be that your gut bacteria plays a role in how you handle food?

How you handle CALORIES?

Could pizza and chips be 1000 calories for a fat person...

But 700 calories for a lean person?

Early days....

But we keep hearing more and more about the importance of a diverse diet.


Eating a range of different foods (as I touched on here)

So we can build a more diverse gut microbiome with all the good bacteria...

Which MAY play a role in our weight loss (and risk factors for diseases like diabetes and heart disease...).

And it's another reason why understanding exactly how different types and amounts of foods impact your body weight, mood, and energy levels allows you to lose weight and keep it off (once and for all) without using the machine gun approach and banning all your favourite foods


PS. I can see it now in Holland & Barrett...

"Buy one Lean Poo and get one for a penny..."

^^^ Oh please, no...

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