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“Complete fail”?

So – to no surprise – lockdown was extended yesterday.. 

And no matter what you think about this… 

we haven’t come this far 

to simply get this far… 

And stop now… 

Yes, I would love to back in the studio 

Seeing everyone at the sessions 

Going for coffees after J  

Seeing everyone’s smiley faces (even when I miscount) 

Dressing up as Mr Motivator (ok, I still do that online) 

Putting on events that bring us all together..(we still do this online, too) … 

But at the same time… 

The great thing about this  

Is that soooo many obstacles are no longer obstacles for people, 

What was once an issue / obstacle to getting results 

Is  no longer an issue. 

With our Home Kickstart Programme.  

I am actually speaking about this at 1030am on BBC Wiltshire Radio on Friday.  

That is, 

“Late from work, so wont be able to get to a session” 

^^^ No problem, follow us live from home or do it on catch up 

“I’m a technophobe”  

^^^ everyone says this. Including Kate…who is now 30lbs down. Check her transformation out here: 

“I don’t have time. I’m just not sure it is the right time. I will start when it is normal again” 

^^ that is why we have 1 minute workouts, 5 minute workouts, 10 minute workouts, as well as out 30 minute workouts. Whether live or on catchup, we make sure you get them done… 

The best news? 

It’s not the speed, but the direction that counts.. 

Just like one of the ladies said yesterday: 

“I was going to say complete fail but I did pilates (and daily challenge plus two one minutes) which was necessary to balance the despondency work is causing…” 

The interesting part about this? 

She admitted that her definition of her ‘complete fail’ day 

Had just GOT BETTER.. 

What was once a good day 

She now actually calls a ‘complete fail’… 

See how powerful that is? 

  1. You will always expect more from you à that is OK, but don’t forget to put your attention on what you HAVE done 

^^ that is often the difference between someone saying ‘I’m helpless, you cant help me’ and “I CAN DO THIS” 

  1. The more aware you are of this, the less reactive you will be and the quicker you can get results because you will stop stopping … 

And there are many reasons why we stop… 

Or don’t start… 

But most of the time.. 

This is because you have either taken on too much  

^^ we do things a bit differently in the Kickstart, small habit each day, building momentum each day…1% better every day.  

Or you are scared of failing and looking silly… 

But wouldn’t you agree 

That doing nothing means you have failed anyway?  

I’ll leave you with a message that Paula commented on a video I did yesterday here: 

“Take one day at a time and focus on 1 or 2 things. And give it a go what’s to lose? I gave it a go and have now lost 14.3kg in 12 weeks!” 

Here’s the video Paula commented on (feel free to comment and ask her questions about how she did it:

If you’d like more info about our 6 Week Kickstart programme for ladies 40+ 

Then just message with ‘6 Week’ and I’ll get you the details.