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How Kate Lost 30lbs and Became an ‘Energised Granny”

So I got this message from Kate yesterday:

“To the ladies who are unsure of joining Fruci Fit or how to connect with a zoom lesson .. please, it’s fun and it can work!

Back in August of last year there was a need to get this Granny back on track with fitness and weight loss.

Grandchildren were getting older and more enthusiastic, but Granny was also getting older and slower!.

Yes, classes here at Marlborough have been missed but my new friend “zoom” is keeping me engaged and I am still enjoying the 30 mins workout.

Bring on the Grandchildren….   30lbs lost and much more energy

Thank you, Matt (and team), from an energised Granny!”

WOW. Well done, Kate.

30lbs down, more energy, overcoming fears about technology and ready to keep up the grandchildren.

You can check out her results here:

But there are 3 things that Kate has show which allowed her to achieve the results she has despite lockdowns and admitting to be a technophobe:

1-Resilience  à  Kate didn’t forget all of the hard work she put in prior to the lockdowns.

I see a lot of people (and it is probably the difference between OK results and great results), forget their hardwork and just give up when an obstacle comes along.

Kate would never have considered Zoom back in August…

She overcome this and look what happened J

2-Accoutablity à With no one checking up on you, holding your accountable to what you said you would do, it is EASIER to take the easy road.

Without that community (I can say, that the ladies often give the best answers to any questions that come up..the way everyone supports each other is amazing).

3-Emotional Connection between your actions and what you value à it is clear for Kate that her grandchildren are IMPORTANT.

Now, this is powerful because no matter how tired, how hard, how much of a struggle it becomes (and there will be times like this)

How can you possibly align your actions with what you value?

Whether that is -like Kate – to be fit for the grandkids…

Fit into certain clothes again..

Reduce medication ..

Feel confident so you can [insert here]

Whatever it is …

In my experience, these 3 things above are critical.



So I caught up with Hazel last week in a one to one and we thought it would be great to actually share HOW she did it rather than just talk about what she has achieved. Just so you can get a better idea of what worked for Hazel. Remember, everyone is different and there is no ONE right way to do this.

So over to you, Hazel:

What’s worked for me:

Weight Loss – Calorie counting using the app. Yes, it takes time but to get results – best not to rely on guesswork.  Keep food simple, easier to count.

Dinner and Done So I have my dinner in the evening and then the kitchen is closed..I am finished (also given up the sweet biscuits with every hot drink and the evening square of dark chocolate because that only makes me want more). 

Sounds boring but strangely I am appreciating my food much more than I used to.

I weigh myself daily – and keep records – (not for everyone but it works for me).

Exercise – Get up at six am so have gained two hours each day – exercise plus a daily walk.  

Print the timetable & use it like a diary. (this is our Home Kickstart workout timetable we send you every Sunday so you can get ready for the week ahead)

No extra food treats just because I have exercised. (getting away from the do a 1000 calorie walk…eating 1500 calories to celebrate…)

Joining in Virtually – coffee morning, listen to all the weekly Q&A’s though not usually live, and listen to Matt’s daily musings – which very often deal with exactly what I am thinking. (research shows the more you engage and ask questions? The better the results will be)

Same with Julie’s “tangents” during her exercise sessions.

What’s most helpful:

The One to One Chats – they keep you focussed.  In my case I also summarise how I am doing in an e-mail prior to the chat.

You Versus You advice on how to adapt exercises to your level.

The fact that everything is available on catch up.  (so you can catch up when suits YOU)

What I’ve most enjoyed:

Being able to do it all from home – I am hopeless at making appointments.

The banter, the variety & the positivity of Fruci Fit and the ladies in the group.

Lots of different class leaders and just as I thought it might be getting a bit boring some new classes were added – Tai Chi, Pilates and Total Body Barre.

What hasn’t worked for me:

Sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming as there are so many things on offer, but I just need to remind myself you don’t need to do everything.

^^^ spot on…focus on what you CAN do

What I have struggled with:

I am a glass half empty person – and do struggle with low mood.  At times keeping below the calorie target is difficult (though taking a weekly average helps there).

Impatience – wanting quicker results – But slower progress is more likely to last.

What I’ve enjoyed most about my results:

Catching sight of myself in the mirror – OK I still have a tummy – but it’s kind of cute now.


Hazel will be the first to say

that you DO NOT have to be special to do this.

There is nothing heroic about the above.

Anyone can do it – if they want to.

Hazel definitely wanted to.

She is looking amazing and well in control of her food

Fitter and stronger.

Her story is inspirational.

Which is why I am sharing it on here.

—> certainly beats just another before and after image.

Well done, Nicnak! One year later

So I caught up with Nicnak on Friday for a chat about how she’s done over the past year.

It’s been nearly 12 months since she first started.

Nicnak started off not being able to get off the ground

Had put weight on

As she said “had lost the umph”

Needed to do something but never did.

She thought she would give this a go…

It wasn’t great timing (or so she thought)

with a holiday right away,

but it just shows there is no better time to start.

Even if you are feeling worried / scared about that first session.

In fact, Nicnak admitted she was “TERRIFIED”..

Terrified that she would have to go to the floor.

Who would she ask for help?

Would there be help?

I guess it was my fault not explaining this…

But Nicnak felt comfortable really quickly ..

As we adapted everything for her so she can do it against the wall / with a chair.

So what happened 12 months later?

Over 5 stone lost

And getting up the floor is now “EASY”


Truly inspirational.

You can check out her progress picture below.

But I get that before and after pictures lack the story behind it.

So I will share the interview I did with Nicnak tomorrow (as had some sound issues but hopefully it will be OK)

Anyway, we are opening up 10 more spaces for our SEPTEMBER 28 Day Kickstart for ladies 40+.

This can be done with us in-person in Devizes or Marlborough or all from home.

If you would like more details?

Just send me a message and I will get you the details.




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