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On the way or in the way?

I am going to start with the quote I want to share with you today just in case you’re in a rush, as I really want you to hear this:

“Obstacles are ON the way not IN the way”

Now on to the reason I am sharing this:

It was like I’d took a time machine back in time…

It actually made me grateful for a lot of things we often take for granted in modern day life..

Like the internet and being able to keep in contact with close friends and family even through this pandemic..

But speaking of the internet…

It’s safe to say that a saying I like to use:

 ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’..

Nearly came to bite me on the bum…

Last year we booked a cottage in Cornwall for – wait for it – July 4th AKA super Saturday AKA when lockdown restrictions were eased..

So off we went..

The plan was that our coach Julie would do all of our outside sessions

Then myself, Katie, Bindoo, Caroline, Julie and myself would do our Home Workouts: Box N Bums, yoga, stretch, meditation, Core and arms, stomach blast, Quiz Morning, No Floor, Back to Basics and Low Intensity..

Sounded too simple to be true…

I was relying on what can probably be described as a human necessity in today’s world…

The internet!!

I went to the local beach?

Barely any signal..

Rang my Dad?

I looked more like a lego character with how pixelated I was..


So I got up early on the morning of our live workout..

Ready to head out to the next beach along the coast…

Or so I thought..

I checked high tide..and yep, you guessed it, high tide was pretty much at the exact time the live workout was…

Meaning there was NO beach.

I did think about doing it in the sea 😉

So on to the next beach…

Luckily, this was a lot bigger

And I finally had some beach space to set up and GO…

You know what it reminded me of thought?

The saying:

“Obstacles are ON the way not IN the way”

And it is EXACTLY the same when it comes to losing weight, getting fit and developing a positive relationship with food so you can ditch the yoyo dieting / comfort eating cycle. 

Ask anyone who’s lost weight and kept it off for more than a year…

They’ve had times where they do NOT feel motivated (what if motivation comes from Doing? Mainly, doing things that align with what YOU value in life? More on that another day)

Times where they feel like it is not worth (remind yourself of what the alternative is…it might be hard now, but isn’t the alternative hard, too?)

Social events (you can work around it, after all…life is for living, right?)

The scales not moving (what if the scales aren’t your dictator? What if they aren’t a measure of your self worth? What if instead of defining your success by the scales, you look at the process? What is working well? What habits are you changing? What if you are one day away from seeing the results? What could you improve? What are you willing to improve?

Lacking in time (how much time do you need? What if you could start with just 3 minutes? And you give yourself permission to stop? Worst case, you did 3 case, perhaps you do a 10 minute workout << the ladies love our 10 minute workouts).

Wondering if you’re fit enough (you will get SOOOO much confidence when you see that you can do this)

And you know what?

Without obstacles, it would be impossible to feel fulfilled and get the breakthroughs that allow you to be the best version of you..

For YOU and for those around you..

With your energy and positivity…

And I get it is hard.. 

In fact, here is a message from Jude (who’s on our 28 Day Kickstart);

“I am not motivated by weight loss. My focus is on fitness and the ability to walk further without pain.

However, I have gone from 10stone to 9st 3lbs and wouldn’t say no to getting down under 9st. 

Is it harder to lose weight the closer you get to your ‘ideal’ weight or is that a myth?”

 Well done, Jude, and great question, too.

The answer?

Yes and no..

I mean, as you get smaller, you need fewer calories…

So you could say to lose more is harder..

But then if you are stronger, fitter and changing body shape?

Do you actually want to lose more weight…

If you fit your clothes better?

How do you define your ‘ideal’ weight? What do you get from it?

If you want to get to a certain weight, what changes when you get there?

And – perhaps most importantly – what are you willing to do to get there?

^^^ it is in this that you can really see just how important or not this is to you, right now. When you get to this stage, you can’t distance yourself from that ‘all or nothing’ / if I don’t achieve it ‘I’m rubbish’ mindset..because maybe, other things are more important..

That all said, if you’re willing to make compromises to change and get the benefits from changing, be it fitting your clothes better / walking without pain / getting up and down from the floor ‘/ reducing risk of disease?

Then – consider:

  1. If your weight loss has slowed, you may need to be consistent for longer (what if you were one day away from seeing the results you want?)
  2. You may need to create a calorie deficit (through food or exercise)
  3. You need to consider WHEN you want to hit this goal then work backwards (otherwise you’ll be disappointed, especially if you don’t define what a ‘good’ week actually looks like, as otherwise you will be chasing this so- called ‘perfect’ week which you don’t even know exists)


That is all for today ☺