Just eat healthy and count calories to get in shape?

Is it just all about calories? Can you just eat healthy foods and lose weight?

Short answer?

It depends…

So called “Healthy” foods should keep you full up for longer and help you control hunger, lower calories and lose some fat…

But this doesn’t always work without knowledge of calories…


Some people will have “cheat” days, which psychologically can create a negative relationship with foods and lead to “on off” / yo-yo dieting and  frustration as the “cheat” days can offset your progress and hard work…


It’s no secret that foods don’t drink – for some – can be a way of dealing with stress.

And – of course – you have social situations, which can be pretty hard to balance if you’re purely focussed on just eating “healthy” food…

I think that’s where the psychosocial aspect of this healthy eating / nutrition / fitness stuff has to be considered, as you have to consider what is “health” to you.

For me?

It involves being able to have the flexibility to eat out, enjoy eating cheese and not worry about it. Of course some compromises have to be made in other areas, but once you accept that?

It becomes a lot easier

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