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My daughter is now 'kind of' crawling. I mean, sometimes she manages to put one hand forward and shuffle forward. But the next? She's rocking back and forth and going nowhere. 

And it made me wonder: Can you imagine how frustrated a grown adult like me and you would get trying to crawl for the first time?

We'd try, fail and think 'F it''s not for us, right? Fling our arms in the air and think that we just can't do it. That we're a failure.

Maybe we'd see what else is out there. Hop on the next fad to help us crawl, promising results in just 3 days...And it's not your fault. I mean, you've got slimming clubs promoting these yoyo diets, supplement companies telling you that you have to buy expensive detox supplements to tone up, and dodgy sales reps telling you that meal replacements are better's confusing and frustrating. 

But what if today, you decided NOT to hop on another diet that gives you a list of 'banned' and so-called bad' foods to avoid?

And instead? 

Just PRACTICED what you already knew. Over and over again.

^^^ Our secret sauce in my Tone Up Programme

Because let's face it. You know what to do. In fact, I can guarantee you've lost weight before but just couldn't keep it off. And I bet you blamed yourself, right?

But was it because the diet didn't fit your busy lifestyle? Drained your willpower? You lacked the support and accountability to stick at it so you can tone up and ditch you baggy clothes for food?

Because that's the secret to LEARNING your way to a leaner, slimmer and more toned YOU....


No matter how small. Just taking small steps. 

Just like Julie and co are doing in my Tone Up Programme here....

Because I get that losing 1- 2lb a week is pretty boring...

But what if you could stick to it?

Where would you be in a year? (opens calculator and works out that it could be 102 pounds lost in a year...)

And you can try and do this alone. 

But if you're fed up of the commercial gym that couldn't care less about your results, bored of the 'airbrushed' before and afters on social media that make you feel like there's no point in even starting, and want to put an end to the yoyo dieting stuff that the slimming clubs promote...

Then my Tone Up Programme may be for you:

Applications close on Sunday at 7pm and I only have 3 spaces.

You can apply here:

Matt 'saucey' Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Tone Up And Level Up Their Energy 

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