Update from Billy…

I say this to every single member on my body transformation programme.

Look back

And take confidence from how far you’ve come…

Because it’s THIS that gives you the confidence to keep going

Tone up

Fit back into your favourite clothes

And ditch the baggy clothes for good

Check out Billy’s results:




My mind tries to tell me it isn’t working because I have eaten ‘too much’ but the evidence shows it is wrong!

Matt encourages small changes that can be sustained as part of daily life for the long term.

I can’t get used to this new look body I have created. It’s a surprise every time I go past a mirror

Now this wasn’t easy
And Billy and the other members will back me up with this one

But I do make things super simple for you

So, if you’re ready to take action, level up your mindset and ditch the baggy clothes for good…

Then you’ll be a good fit for my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme.

To take the first step with your body transformation

And put an end to the vicious yoyo dieting stress

Go here and apply for a free 7-day trial: https://frucifit.com/augustchallenge/

Speak soon,


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