‘How can I get my kids to eat more fruit and veg?’

Now, I’m talking from my experiences working with children in lifestyle and healthy weight management programmes…

Rather than parenting (which – as I’ve been told – ‘I’ve got it all to look forward to’)

Saying that…

I get that it’s difficult.

Playing the role of ‘taxi driver’…

Trying to fit in time to make Jamie Oliver’s [1 hour and] 15-minute meals…

^^^ Who in this day and age walks into their kitchen with every herb and vegetable chopped and prepared, ready?

Wishing that it really was as simple as getting ‘Lean in 15’…

Juggling the stress of work / home life balance…

It isn’t easy.

I see it most days with members of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

^^^ The washing basket squat has become a ‘go-to’ for Sam to increase her exercise and burn more calories WITHOUT having the stress of structuring in a whole exercise session in her day (and the beauty of this is that because her nutrition is on point…she’s still seeing results!!)

So sometimes you just need a break, right?

I mean, write down the things you do everyday.

You’ll notice that pretty much everything you do is for everyone else.

And not YOU.

So, when your being ‘nagged’…

Feeling tired

And overwhelmed…

I get that making sure your kids are eating ‘something’ and are occupied will give you – at least – some ‘me’ time

^^^ Or time to do the 1000 other jobs you got going on…

But I was recently asked for ideas on how to get kids to eat more fruit and veg…

So here’s my two (or 5) pennies:

1) Did you know that kids need to try something 13 times before they know if they like it? 

^^^ Remember that old saying, right?

Every time I go to my granddads and he cooks the old Brussel Sprouts…

I get: ‘I didn’t do many Brussel sprouts as you don’t like them’

The funny thing?

I didn’t like them when I was about 10…

I’m now 26…

Our taste buds change.

There’s probably a food or drink you now like that you used to ‘hate’?

Just like you may have a food or drink that you used to like but now can’t stand?

^^^ A bit like how I now feel about Amaretto after having a few too many during my university years…

So try, try and try again.

Don’t force it.

But always leave the option for vegetables there.

Perhaps try having a ‘help yourself bowl’ of veggies in the middle of the table at dinner?

And who knows?

If they see you going in a few times, they might even give it a try.

Or gamify it like I did on a childrens healthy weight management programme recently with:

The “I’m a Celebrity Food Challenge”

Two teams…

Each member – one by one- has to come up and eat, chew and swallow the ‘revealed food’

The next member of the team cannot go before they have eaten the ‘revealed food’.

The first team to get through their foods wins.

These foods included:


* Beetroot

* Carrots

* Peppers

* Pickled onions

And – at the very least – this got them ‘trying’ (even if a few beetroots were spat out)…

Perhaps if we do it 13 times, they’ll like them all eventually?

2) Try cheese on “toast” 

This isn’t my idea.

A member of my Body Transformation Programme sent me this (after giving it to her kid)


* 1 Courgette

* Cheese


* Place the cheese on top of the courguette and oven cook until the cheese is golden.

* Cut into small mouth size bites for a tasty high fibre, and protein snack!

OPTIONAL: Add some tomato sauce and meat on top (almost like a bruschetta)

And speaking of courgettes…

That reminds me of a Jamie Oliver saying:

“Many kids can tell you about drugs but do not know what celery or courgettes taste like.”
3) Frozen ‘Sherbet’


* 1 apple

* Lemon Juice


* Slice the apple thinly

* Sprinkle some lemon juice on top (stops it browning and gives it a refreshing taste!)

* Freeze and serve for dessert or as a handy, healthy snack!

4) Frozen grapes…

Nice and simple. Freeze grapes.

They take longer to eat so are more likely to keep you satisfied!
5) Chocolate covered berries!
This is a real simple and satisfying treat.
* Dark chocolate (70% if you can…)

* Frozen mixed berries

* Melt the dark chocolate by placing the chocolate in a bowl above a pan of boiling hot water (or use a microwave and get the kids involved…)

* Pour the dark chocolate over the FROZEN mixed berries
And it’s heaven…

The rich and creamy chocolate solidifies over the sweet and juicy berries!

Speak soon,

PS. Wouldn’t it be great to have a book that didn’t just give you tasty, satisfying and nourishing meal ideas…

But also the exact nutrition provided by each meal so you can understand exactly how different types and amounts of food affect your bloating, energy, and weight?

Well, it’ll be arriving soon…

As members of my Body Transformation Programme will be finding out very soon…
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