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How long does it take to create a new habit?

So my 2 year old daughter is potty training at the moment..

Generally, it is going well…

But occasionally 

She will forget to say that she needs a wee…

She actually did a wee on me the other day..

But I accept that

It’s a new habit

And it doesn’t just happen overnight…

So why is it 

That we get so frustrated – as adults- when things don’t go 100% to plan?

When our new ‘habit’ does not happen on one day?

So we decide to not do it the next day..

All of a sudden…

One ‘bad’ day has resulted in a bad week..

What would be different in your life right now if you didn’t let one day cause a bad week?

Think how many days of our lives we waste?


One of the ladies just starting inside our kickstart asked my the other day 

How long does it take to create a new habit…?


18 days?

254 days?

^^ that’s the range that a study showed on how long it takes to make something a habit…

Because it depends.

Often on how you respond to perceived failure.

And no one tells you this when you try to change…

Well, until now..

Here’s how it works…

Stage 1: Uniformed optimism →  you know, when you start something new. You are motivated. Excited. Honeymoon period. 

Stage 2: Informed pessimism  →   you start to think ‘this is hard’…”I am not sure I can do this”…<<< bit like a few weeks into parenthood haha

Stage 3: Pit of despair –>  you feel low….and look for the next shiny object to give you that UNINFORMED OPTIMISM again 

And we are back to Stage 1 and we repeat AGAIN…

That is the yoyo dieting cycle..

We get excited about trying something else new. 

And repeat the cycle.

Some other quick fix.

Promise ourselves it will be different…


We make it through to …

Stage 4: Informed Optimism →   you accept where you are now. You have that self-awareness. Focus on progress not perfection and although may seem slower, is actually FASTER because you don’t give up and end up back at Stage 1…

Stage 5: Success and fulfilment –>  new habits are forming. You get a real reward and feeling of achievement …

And that’s what we specialise in…

Getting you through the pit of despair

So you can stop stopping

And create new, long lasting habits

Rather than a quick fix.

Like Jane, Toni and Jo mentioned (see image in this post)


Our next 28 Day Kickstart begins on Monday

Specifically for ladies 40+…

If you want a step by step plan personalised for you

With small, daily habits built into your routine

Reply with ‘Kickstart’ and I’ll get you the details

Matt ‘habits’ Fruci