Message from Sarah (about the scales)

So I got this message last week from Sarah

Which I had to share with you today

Especially as – I know – not seeing the scales can down quick enough 

Might just stop you from doing the things (the habits)

That you know you need to do

To improve your health, fitness..

And fit into your old dresses (that you didn’t think you could fit into anymore…)

“Ok so here’s the thing Matt… I’m delighted (over the moon actually) but confused.

I’ve just spent the last two plus hours trawling online trying to find a new dress for a Ball next Saturday without much success.

I hate clothes shopping anyway and the thought of spending a day (by the time I’ve driven there and back to either Reading or Bristol) trying to find a dress that makes me look and feel great fills me with absolute dread😩!

So I thought I’d look in my wardrobe just in case and tried on a couple of evening dresses that I haven’t worn in years and years (because I couldn’t fit into them anymore) and I honestly could not believe it that they actually fit!!! And guess what… I’m going to wear one next Saturday👍👍👍

So the confusing bit is that I’ve gone from dress size 14-16 to a 12 but the scales have hardly moved (I’ve only lost about 6/7 lbs)

and I know that’s because I’m not being as careful with my food as I should be and I know that I could definitely make more changes, but for now it suits me.

Anyway, sorry for my ramblings but I just wanted to share that with you and say thanks 🙏🏻😊

So what’s the point in this?

Well, when you add the type of exercise that strengthens your muscles, be it some low impact bodyweight exercises or using some weights

This may slow down your ‘weight’ loss..

As you are telling your body to keep muscle


Change your body shape..

This does NOT slow down FAT LOSS

In fact, it will probably help with ageing well

Everyday tasks

And how many inches you lose..

So in summary:

Those weighing scales you put so much emphasis on?

❌ They don’t measure your self-worth, fitness or how you feel

❌ They don’t tell you how your clothes fit

❌ They don’t dictate what you do for the rest of the day / week / month / year

✅ They are one sign that might help you see what works for you

✅ They may help motivate you

✅ They fluctuate depending on time of day, exercise, sleep, menstrual cycle, and types of food

So anyway

Well done, Sarah

Dropping a dress size

fitting back into her dress 

And keeping going despite what the scales say.

But the thing is

Anyone can do this

The only difference?

Sarah just started before you

And kept going

So whatever you want to learn, do or achieve?

Just start 


And next time those scales fluctuate up or down?

Rather than dwell

Or beat yourself up..

Ask the question

What’s one thing I could improve on right now?

If nothing, given your work / life?

Then just keep going.

Because what if you were just one day away

From seeing the results you want to see?

I think the ladies will be sick of hearing this in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

But if means you do it for one more day

Don’t push the F it button…

And get the results you want?

I’m happy

Matt ‘screw the scales’ Fruci

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