4 Exercise errors you should avoid

I get it

The promise of “toned abs”

Sucked you in to buying some fancy looking home gym equipment from Argos

Just like Mrs Fruci did a few years back

She had good intentions

But the truth is, by the time you twist the weights on to the end

She could have done some squats, push ups on the kitchen side or – even – just been for a nice walk whilst holding our real life weight AKA our daughter

And because of this…

Those weights have collected their fair share of dust

^^^ apologies Kim and Aggie

But if this sounds familiar to you

You might be interested in these 4 alternative uses for your home weights:

1* The Ultimate Door Stop – it currently props open my daughters nursery…and does a grand job!

2* The dogs favourite toy – yep, my black lab, Dora, loves to chew the ends of the weights. Keeps her quiet for hours!

3* Paper weight – great for those busy working days in the office when you want to let a bit of air in by don’t want all your important bits of paper flying everywhere

4* Coaster – Mrs Fruci has a keen eye for spilt coffee…so resting my morning espresso on my “coaster” aka weight is a great way to keep away from the naughty step

And that’s all I got

Because you know pretty much WHAT you have to do

You just don’t do it

Which is exactly why I developed the Fruci Fit Accountability and Support System 

Giving you access to your Fruci Fit Nutrition and meal planner account


Private, weekly check ins with me to guarantee you do the work and breakTHROUGH any slow progress with my simple, yet effective tips and tricks

The best part?

Being able to score yourself and see exactly where you need to improve and what you need to do to tone up and ditch the baggy clothes for good

The worst part?

You might need a new doorstop…

Helping You Fit Back Into Your Favourite Clothes For Good Without Spending Hours Working Out Or Giving Up Your Saturday Night Takeaway

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