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Best exercise for arthritis?

Was I cold yesterday…

Our heating stopped working …

But the best part?

It got me up a lot more….

Doing small little workouts..

Just enough to boost my energy, change the way I feel and warm me up..

A bit like some of the ladies say with our one minute booster workouts..


Speaking of small habits, compound effect…

One of the ladies posted this awesome win inside our private support group yesterday (see picture)

And with arthritis (be it osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis..and others) being quite common nowadays

^^^ 18% of women over 60

I thought I’d share some simple tips to help:

  1. Fat loss →  As Nicola said, her weight loss has helped and research does back this up 
  1. Focussing on muscle strength → Vitamin D, protein and resistance exercise help with this. Best part? The exercise can be LOW IMPACT so it is easy on the joints and great for the muscles 

^^^ these are the types of workouts we will be doing in my Free 5 Day Kickstart beginning on Monday (info here:

  1. Other Nutrition protocols → Omega 3 (oily fish) seems to have the strongest link with easing the symptoms..

Now there are of course…

Many other things we can do

But the key thing?

Is consistency…

And persistence …

Just like Nicola has done..

And it’s the hardest part..

Doing the simple things daily..

But the best part?

It doesn’t have to be perfect…

And this is exactly what I’ll be showing you in the 5-Day Free Kickstart.

Hope to see you there..

Matt ‘small habits’ Fruci