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I didn’t feel like it…

“I didn’t feel like it”

I couldn’t tell you how many times

My 2 year old daughter

Has decided that she doesn’t want socks on 

Doesn’t want a coat on

Or shoes

Or trousers or leggings..

Even if it is -4 degrees outside….

Thing is,

Sometimes you have to do things even when you don’t feel like it…

It is like that with work 


Maybe you don’t feel like it

But you do it because it is the right thing to do…

You know you will get the benefits from it

But they are not instant

There is no instant gratification 

^^^ read that again 

Because it is the same with saying 


With being in control of how much alcohol you have (even if it is poured for you…more on that another day)

Your brain will nearly alway want to do the thing

That provides instant gratification…

Especially when you’re tired and stressed….

And we then add to this

By playing a trick on ourselves

By believing that we have to ‘feel like doing it’

To do it…

^^ that voice in our head loves this…because it gives us a reason to not to do something…

And of course..

There is a balance here between always doing stuff and rest…

But I am talking about 

Those days where you know you will feel better after a workout

The endorphins flowing to your brain

Giving you energy 

That sense of achievement ..


We don’t feel like it <<< whatever that feels like?

And although this has taken me a while to say this..

My point today?

Is what if you didn’t need to feel like it 

To do it?

You just did it because it was the right thing to do ?

Like wearing socks on a day that is -4

Like doing some exercise ( no matter how small

…It could even be my one minute workout I did yesterday here:

Done is better than perfect

And that is the exact philosophy that Cathy has applied since mid December

Can’t believe it is just…

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