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A way is better than “the” way

So yesterday during our knee friendly, no floor, no squat workout

I was talking about how when there is “A” way to do something 

That means you have a choice…

What I mean by this, is that sometimes we think if we are not doing it the perfect way (whatever that means)

That there is no point

Forgetting that, we actually have a choice here.

Because there is a way that we can do something

And I bring this up a lot because some of the ladies can be quite disheartened if they can only do our one minute, five minute, 10 minute workout or maybe they feel they should be doing more but they do our no floor need friendly workouts

And they feel they should be doing more

Maybe you feel that you should be doing what someone else can do.

Leading us to feel rubbish and sometimes give up

Which is unfortunate

Because chances are

We have put their achievements that we are comparing ourselves to on a pedestal

We’ve created an illusion because we have no idea what they are actually doing and we have no idea how happy they actually are

Yet we are just assuming that they are better than us

Funny thing here

Is this makes us powerless…

Powerless in controlling our results.

I’m often forgetting that we have a choice here because when there is a way you always have a choice

And this is why we adapt all the exercises for you

She can start to progress

And maybe even do some more the exercises that you didn’t think you could do when you started 🙂

Speaking of which, here is what Paula said yesterday 

“15.3kg lost now!! That’s 1 1/2 bags of wood pellets. I can run for 25 mins without stopping!! To say I’m chuffed is an understatement. 

My body’s gape has also changed a lot. I can feel my ribs now and muscles! A long way to go but little steps and lots more sessions and I’ll get there.

All of this achieved in 3 1/2 months. Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

Well done, Paula


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Matt “A way” Fruci