What Successful Dieters Do (at night)

They open their bedroom window. And SCREAM!

^^^ Thats's what students at Harvard do the night before their exams. All together.

Creating a ringing, collaborative scream, from like-minded individuals, letting go of their stress, understanding that they're not alone  and knowing that they can reach out for help
Which just so happens to be the same when it comes to losing weight and toning up. 

Because just like riding a see-saw is tough to do on your own...so it losing unwanted tummy fat, getting fitter and toning up. 

They showed that in nearly 50,000 post menopausal women, those who surround themselves with like-minded-minded ladies, be it through meetings, workouts or BOTH (which is the most effective way to lose fat and keep it off)...

Lost nearly double the amount of weight.

And I completely get this. After all, I - too - have had different coaches on - off over the last 10 years. And I'm currently in 3 different support groups to help me. Plus, I'm part of kayaking club with access to coaches. 


Because I'm good doing it for others...but struggle to have the 'willpower' and 'motivation' to do it myself. After a day coaching others, the last thing I want to do sometimes is to exercise myself (maybe I shouldn't be saying this...but I'm only human). 

And I'm not saying you can't do it alone. Of course, some (albeit few) lose weight and keep it off without any support. 

If you can do this? 

My hat (although I never wear hats...they don't quite suit me) goes off to you...

But from personal experience and helping tons of other ladies tone up and feel more confident about the way they look and the clothes they wear..

I know that ELITE level support and accountability works. The type of accountability that has you feeling gutted to have missed a muscle toning session because 'it looked like fun' (as one member mentioned to me last week in my Tone Up Body Transformation Programme)

The type of support where you can ask for help 24 / 7, be it to me or like-minded ladies (thanks to our private inner circle group) for help and support. You know, when you feeling $#*! for having the pizza, bottle of wine  and packet of biscuits despite saying that 'todays going to be the day'..

Because despite your good intentions, you WILL have these self sabotaging moments. Where you feel like you've lost control. 

But with each one? Comes a lesson. 

You see, when you have support and accountability, you're either wining or you're learning. There's no losing. Because with every 'self sabotaging' moment becomes breakthrough. A strategy that you can do ti put in place and overcome this.

and the best part?

Because we've all been there and someone - be it me  or the rest of the awesome like-minded ladies in the group - are there to support each other. 

I may start a few sentences with 'And'. And I may start a few sentences with 'But'. But as wrong as this is, my only aim here is to support you and help you MOVE forward so you can tone up and win this weight loss game once for all (and cut through all the BS they feed us in the media). 

and this is why I created my Tone Up system

So YOU don't have to slay the demon (which is all in your head) on your own

So that you could have me FIGHTING


So grab your sword. Lets keep battling

Here's the Link to start your 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down:


Matt 'I(ce) S(cream)' Fruci
Fruci Fit

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