Would you say that to your friend?

Ever get those moments where you just look back at the things you used to do as a kid?

this happened to me yesterday…

Memories of trying to get served alcohol with my brother ID who was 4 years older than me lol

Taking beer, cider and even Lambrini to the local park…

And how I thought this was really cool at the time. 

But the lesson I got from all of this?

Well, it’s kind of in line with a quote from Byron Katie:

“I can’t make people unbelieve what they believe, they have to do it for themselves”

Because having to clean up all of my own sick from my dad’s car on the way home one night and replacing all of the bath mats (as I was sick on them, too)

Let me figure out all I needed to know about drinking too much…by myself. My dad didn’t have to tell me much more hahah

I came up with the answers myself.

After all, no one likes to be told what to do. In fact, it makes us want to do the opposite. 

And that’s what I love about my job.

You see, people ask me how I come up with so many blogs and videos…

And the answer?

Because the ladies I work with always come up with their own strategies and answers to their problems…

All I do is ask the right questions, LISTEN to you, say you tasks, and REPEAT…

So I just wanted to share one I got from one of the ladies the other day…

You see, if you’re ‘comfort’ eating / binge eating…

It might go a little like this:

Eat one bag of crisps…F it…might as well have another pack. And some of the chocolates hubby as bought. Not to mention the chocolates you say you ‘bought for the kids”…

It sometimes happens so quickly you don’t even realise why / how it happened. Which is frustrating, especially when you have the best intentions.

So here’s what one of the ladies is doing now:

Before eating / picking after dinner, Imagine you are talking to yourself like you’d talk to a friend AKA offer a biscuit / crisps to yourself like you’d offer it to a friend and have that conversation with yourself.

Sounds simple and whacky…

But if you offered a friend one cookie and they ate it, you wouldn’t say:

 “oh, you messed up, you best eat 7 more cookies and a bag of crisps”

Truth is, you wouldn’t say it to a friend so why say it and do it to yourself?

Matt ‘drunken monkey’ Fruci

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