It’s inbetween that’s bad…

I’m not here to tell you some ‘secret’ hack to solve everything..

But I am here to share with you something that might just kickstart you healthy habits

And get a handle on your comfort eating / mindless snacking.

I get it.

You probably know what to do.

Your meals are probably pretty healthy 

But as the ladies always say to me:

“It’s inbetween that’s bad”

So today

I just wanted to share a little snippet that accompanies my BRAND NEW Amazon book:

“The Thirty-One and a Half-Day Habit Shift”

Designed to help ladies over 40 do the things they already know they need to do.

You see, my last book, SHIFT (which is on

Got some great feedback, even from ladies I had never met saying how it completely transformed their relationship with the scales, weight loss and diets…


I have to admit…

There are so many books out there where we find ourselves saying:

“Yes, that make sense”

Get all excited 


Do nothing about it.

Perhaps because there is a lack of actual practical advice…

Well, hopefully I have overcome this with my new book..

Which gets you DOING rather than THINKING…

By giving you actual practical advice you can use TODAY.

Of course, you still have to want to change…

You still have to want to do it.

The pain of comfort eating and beating yourself up

Has to be greater than the inconvenience of doing what I ask in this free guide…


If you’d  like a copy?

Just send comment below with ‘Yes’ or send me a message, and I will send it over for you.

It might just give you the self-awareness you need identify the difference between physical hunger and psychological hunger

And identify your key triggers…

So you can create just enough of a pause to gain control..



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