Ask yourself this ONE question today

“Was my decision based on ‘fear’ or ‘preference’?

Here’s an example that happened yesterday…

“Matt, would you like to speak at event? It’s for women looking to build their confidence.”

Me (initial reaction my head): $#*!​​​​​​​​​… that’s scary. What if I look silly? What if go ‘red’ in the face. Everyone will be looking at me etc

Now, I’m initially reacting like a ​​lion is chasing me…and I’m fight for my life. THIS IS A NORMAL reaction. Escpailly as public speaking is something that I literally used to HATE. As in, I’d rather phone up sick to my lecturer at University for the presentation, score 0% and just ACE the coursework so I passed lol

But here’s the thing:

I could say NO (which would be making a decision based on FEAR).

It would provide me with an initial sense of comfort. Because I no longer have to worry about ‘going red in the face’ or looking silly’

But what follows this FEAR led choice, is pretty powerful:

Guilt…about wasting an opportunity

An ‘I can’t” mindset….which makes me pi55ed off at myself…

Which causes stress anyway…

So, the way I see it…

If I’m going to have these thoughts and feel these feelings?

Then I may as well DO the thing.

After all, you only get results for DONE.

And as the saying goes:

“It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.”

And although it might appear to make you ‘happy’ to put it off, is this just us seeking comfort?

After all, I WANT to do this talk. If I say ‘NO’, I am essentially a slave to my fear. And by saying ‘no’, the fear will only grow.

After all, I can guarantee that living in the future (AKA feeling guilty about not doing something and putting something that you know you need to do off until a later date)…​​

Is way more exhausting…

So, today, I just want you to ​​​​ask yourself:

‘Have I just made that decision based on ‘fear’ or ‘preference’?

Speak soon,

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