Snorkelling and my big nose

I was so excited. I finally had my snorkel. Which I had to get on a bus and pay about £20 for (as we were in middle of nowhere)

Finally, I could go snorkelling.

I unwrap the packaging like  little kid on Christmas morning.

Only to put over my head and realise that…

It didn’t fit me…mainly because my nose is too big.

It ended up being a very valuable lesson. 

In that, everyone is different.

And although the principles are the same…the smallest of tweaks can make all the difference between success and failure.

and it’s this which is probably the reason why I’m privileged to be helping more ladies than ever ditch the fad diets and think differently about all this diet stuff.

You have one side of people saying you need to be jumping up and down and doing high intensity exercise to lose weight

^^^ Which is horrendous if you have hip, shoulder, or knee problems (which a lot the ladies I work with do have)

Then you have the people saying that you have to eat low carb

^^^ Making it even harder to stick to, especially if your other half and kids only eat potatoes and pasta lol

My point?

I often find that most of the ladies I work with know what to do.

They just need a plan and some motivation to kickstart their health and fitness results and feel more confident in their favourite clothes. 

Obviously, the key is in the personalisation. But if you did want a kickstart plan and home workout you can do today?

Just get it here: 

But, like I said, the key is personalising your plans around your lifestyle, medical conditions and food preferences…

Just like we do in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

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