Anti blood sugar spiking pills?

Have you seen the anti blood sugar spiking pills?

All natural ingredients…

Question I had on Thursday.


  1. Acute / short term rises in blood glucose are NORMAL responses to carbohydrates (our pancreas then secretes insulin which then lowers our blood sugar levels back to normal) 
  2. Measuring glucose responses to individual foods or meals and concluding if they are ‘bad’ or ‘good’ is unreliable in people without diabetes…potentially resulting in people creating aversion to foods
  3. We eat meals not foods. Sure if you eat a potato, your glucose will rise short term.

This is normal. However if you add some tuna, sweetcorn and mayo (tuna, jacket sweetcorn), the addition of fibre, protein and fats from these foods, lower your glucose spike.

I talk about this more here:


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