If you are struggling with willpower?

Create an environment that works for you not against you:

→ Keep 3 high protein snacks easy to grab

→ Don’t have food left out on the counter

→ Put Snacky foods well away in cupboards, preferably in opaque containers , making it inconvenient to grab

→ Plan your snacks today: My snacks today will be [insert here] RATHER than being on the go and being left with nothing

→ Keep water within arms reach 

→ Control the meals you can: If you know you are in control of breakfast and lunch, make it higher in protein and full of veggies / salad to help keep you full. This will allow you be more flexible with your meal in evening perhaps when eating with family

→ Remember that something is always better than nothing when it comes to exercise . Struggling to get your 10000 steps? Get 5000. Struggling to get your 30 minute workout? Do 5 minutes. It’s persistence not perfection…

Finally, quitting is a sure fire way to REALLY fail.

I speak about this more here:

Facebook: https://fb.watch/pWZM69aBbe/

Youtube: https://youtu.be/T0DOsMU-7nc?si=I0zShG2Fu64SUEq0 

Fruci Fit Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/struggling-with-willpower-create-an-environment/id1469685325?i=1000643645478 

Fruci Fit Spotify Podcast :  https://open.spotify.com/episode/6R7jmbmRCVw1v0tsxwOfZO?si=d9f3fb571a67458d 


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