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Am I hungry ? ( psychological vs physical hunger?)

“am I hungry?” (psychological vs physical hunger?)

“Am I hungry”

I say to myself walking around the kitchen..

“What are you doing?”

Mrs Fruci asks…

“I’m deciding if I am hungry” I reply..(even saying that aloud sounds funny, right?)

“Well surely if you’re asking whether you’re hungry, you’re probably not hungry “ Mrs Fruci replies..

Great point..

So I thought I would discuss this in a video and show you 

Exactly how to know the difference between psychological hunger and physical hunger

And if you didn’t know?

I’ll be doing a live talk entitled:

How to overcome comfort eating and start to feel in control of your food again

This will be live on Wednesday 20th of October at 8 pm in my free group “Ladies Get Fit with Fruci Fit”.

^^ that is this Wednesday (isn’t time flying?)

If you would like to join in or access the replay of the training just comment below with “comfort eating” and I will get you the details.

Matt “Mrs Fruci Knows Best” Fruci