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 What happened to Lynne?

 What happened to Lynne?

I was chatting to one of the ladies the other day who was in her kickstart session 

(the initial one to one we have where we put together your starting step by step plan)

And she mentioned how losing 3 stone just seemed like such a big thing

It seemed so far away…

And overwhelming.. 

And I get it..

But what if you could feel different in just 1, 2 or 3 weeks?

Sure, maybe not lose 3 stone in this time..

But be more in control of food?

Flooding your brain with endorphins by exercising and surprising yourself by actually  doing it? 

Having more energy?

Quieting the ‘monkey on your shoulder’?

Just like Lynne has (see image)

I’ll be sharing some of the exact strategies we use inside our Programme in my FREE doing a live talk entitled:

How to overcome comfort eating and start to feel in control of your food again

This will be live TOMORROW on Wednesday 20th of October at 8 pm in my free group “Ladies Get Fit with Fruci Fit”.

^^ that is this Wednesday (isn’t time flying?)

If you would like to join in or access the replay of the training just join the group below to register: