All or nothing? Try this?

Doing a little bit better when you’re having a great week, will barely make a difference. 

Doing a little better when you’re having a rubbish week, will make a massive difference.

Rather than all or nothing, think all or something 💪

Rather than pushing the “f it” button, there’s too much on, I’m not in the right headspace. Do something, no matter how small. This will make it so much easier to get back to where you were.

It’s not about restriction…

It’s about making the choice you want to make..

You’re committing to never having that thing again.

But delaying it.

Bringing your attention to why you even want to do this in the first place?

Whether that’s:

→ getting up and down from the floor more easily

→ Feeling in control of your food

→ Reducing risk of diseases like Type 2 diabetes

→ Eliminating those aches and pains

→ Being independent for as long as possible (by getting stronger) 

→ Feeling more confident

→ Saying YES to more things

I could go on.


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