The secret ingredient to sustainable results

We’ve had such positive feedback recently, especially with our last Fruci Fit Shenai event 

And with the excitement of our next event in March 🙂 

It really brings what we do together.

From the support, nutrition, exercise, to the accountability.

The key part?

You just meet us half way 

And it inspired me to share these today..

The ONE thing that research seems to show is the difference between success and failure.

Particularly when it comes to losing weight and getting fit..

And that is

Support and accountability.

It’s why you hear ‘diets fail’…

Of course

When you are given lots of support and accountability

You lose weight 

And then given a diet sheet to keep you going. 

With perhaps a lack of education.

That is where habits are key …

Accountability is key 

Sure, you can get accountability and support from coaches like us at Fruci Fit 

But it could be as simple as a family member or a friend.

But I get it

You might be thinking 

‘They sabotage me’

You know

“It’s not normal to get up and exercise”

“It’s not normal to eat fruit a break time”

“I could never do that”

“Live a little”

I get it

And this is where surrounding yourself with like-minded people who inspire you is so key.

Just like we do in the 100 Day Kickstart (message me with ‘Kickstart’ for more info)


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