Fasting for weight loss?

One of my clients messaged me yesterday with a link to a video (on the Daily Mail) of Mark Wright (the guy from The Only Way is Essex) saying that:

You should never run "over 20 minutes because you start burning muscle"

^^^ This is prime example of celebs and the Daily Mail doing what they do best...gossiping!

Now, where do I start...

If this really was the case, the likes of Maria Sharapova (who plays tennis for sometimes 3 hours at a time) wouldn't have an inch of muscle on them.

^^^ yet, she has an impressively lean and toned physique (which requires muscle).

You see, you're probably scared at the thought of "muscle" <<< it sounds masculine.

Yet, being "toned" is actually a combination of losing fat and increasing muscle (which also increases our fitness, makes everyday tasks easier, and can reduce our risk of metabolic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease).

Anyway, my client then asked me about the topic of "fasting" and whether it helps you lose weight.

What she was referring to was a protocol where you basically delay breakfast by a few hours.

So, she was asking whether it would be better to have her first meal at 12pm (when she has her lunch break at work) as she's busy in the morning doing the school run and getting to work so often chooses "rubbish" foods.

Short answer:

If this suits your lifestyle and means you can sit down, enjoy your food, and make better decisions then go for it!

Likewise, if you skip breakfast but then feel STARVING and crave a sugar-fix or anything you can get your hands on, then it's probably not for you.

I explain more in this video here: 

Have a great weekend and in the words of Danny Dyer (on Celebrity Juice this week when sending a birthday message to the Queen):

"Go out tonight, ###### and enjoy yourself!" (I kept it clean...)

Matt "loves a gossip" Fruci

PS. What's even more frustrating is that The Only Way is Essex is now responsible for "no carbs" AND not running for more than 20 minutes...

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