I did it “once” and then 35 London Marathons Later…

Did you watch the London Marathon yesterday?

Inspirational stuff, right?

Although watching it whilst I was tucking in to a leftover homemade burger (recipe to come tomorrow) did make me feel a little guilty...

But, from the guy looking to break the world record for being the fastest to run the marathon with a fridge on his back to the fastest guy dressed as a dinosaur...I was inspired.

I then saw an interview with one of the "Ever Presents" (a group who've ran every London Marathon ever).

He was asked whether he'd ever planned to run 36 in a row (probably a stupid question...) to which he replied:

"I did one, then I thought I'd go for the hat-trick, then the double hat-trick, then the triple hat-trick and then it went on from there, really"

And it reminds me of what happens when you set off on a body transformation journey.

You set one goal, achieve it, build confidence, set another one, achieve it, build more confidence, and it goes "on from there"

For example, I go through 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day goals with all my clients on my body transformation programme.

Yet these change depending on what clients ACTUALLY WANT compared to what they THINK they want <<< Big difference.

And also depending on how their body responds to a the nutrition and exercise.

For example, if you haven't been eating enough protein, you may get a leaner body quicker than someone else.

Just like, if you've been feeling tired a lot but have been deficient in micronutrients, such as certain B Vitamins, then you may feel more energetic and decide that you want to exercise more.

My point is that the first step is the hardest.


Because we don't always know what we actually want at this stage.

But it's only through doing that we really know.

So, instead of "Ready, Aim, Fire"...

Perhaps it's time to think "Ready, Fire, Aim"...


PS.  I've got a wholesome, nutritious, and satisfying...Burger and chips recipe for you tomorrow that I shared with my clients on my body transformation programme over the weekend

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